Play Dragon Ball FighterZ With Friends – Complete Guide

Find out how to engage in epic battles with your friends in-ring matches in Dragon Ball FighterZ. This guide will help you understand the matchmaking system in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

It’s essential that you and your buddy are in the same lobby. Say you are in the Arena Match First Lobby within the Canada West Coast Region. To play with your friends, they need to be in the same lobby, so they can enter the same ring. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ Matchmaking

The matchmaking system works in this way in the game. You can switch to another lobby by pressing the L2 button, then selecting the Gate option and going with the ‘Yes’ option. Afterward, you can approach the gate reception and tell them of your desire to change both the lobby and region.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Press the R2 button when you and your friend are in the same lobby. This will bring you to Ring Settings, where you can set the rules for your ring match. You can set a password if you want to play only with your friend. 

A password is required to prevent other players from joining the same lobby. Share the password with your friend once you have set it. Select the Create Ring option to finalize the rules.

If your friends want to play with you, they just need to come inside the same ring. And then click the X button. If you have set a password for the Dragon Ball FighterZ lobby, your friend will need to enter it.

They will join the room once they have entered the password. You might encounter a problem where you cannot locate the room. Try resetting the console to overcome this problem. 

It can be very helpful. You can also try switching to another lobby to resolve the bug.

After you have selected your team, click the X button. Now, the match will start.

You have to follow some simple steps to join your friend’s room. It’s essential that you and your buddy are in the same lobby. Once you are both in the same lobby, go inside the ring. Afterward, click on the X button. 

If your friend has created a password for you, enter it here. Click on “Join This Ring”, located at the bottom, after entering the password. 

You can then enter the room. When playing Dragon Ball FighterZ with a buddy, only your friend can start the game.

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