Fortnite: A New Car Racing Mode is Coming

Fortnite, Epic Games’ popular creative battle royale game, may soon receive a car racing mode called DelMar, codenamed by Epic.

Fortnite fans were shocked at this news, eagerly awaiting what this new mode entails. Although its base battle royale mode proved hugely successful and popular with players across several crossover events, Epic Games is exploring new avenues in order to keep its game fresh and engaging through Creative and Zero Build modes.


The creative mode was warmly received by players and allowed them to build and share custom maps with one another.

Developers released the Unreal Editor for Fortnite – also known as Creative 2.0 – which improved upon its predecessor and enabled more players to enjoy Zero Build mode without building. Now it appears a major game mode may soon join Fortnite Creative Battle Royale: racing mode.

According to various community data miners, several files within game files point towards an emerging car racing mode known as DelMar which will likely launch within five months.

Fortnite Leaks

Notable Twitter leakers GMatrixGames and iFireMonkey indicated that the new mode will include an accessible customization garage accessible through the main game lobby, offering various vehicle styles and model choices for customization.

“Recent reports reveal that Fortnite Battle Royale mode will feature a Garage with vehicle customization features accessible through its lobby”, according to an announcement made by iFireMonkey on Twitter.

DelMar mode will include several game options and circuits to meet players’ preferences; Death Race as one such example – not forgetting its competitive mode with 18 divisions and rankings. According to reports, its creators hope that DelMar mode can take car racing games further and lay a solid foundation for competitive scenes in future versions of it.

Few details exist regarding Epic’s allocation of resources toward this potential car-racing mode and whether it will alter their focus on standard competitive play. Although fans might worry that Epic is already planning tournaments for a game mode that has yet to launch, its effects remain too early to tell as yet. It remains too soon for us to predict just how big of an impact Fortnite car racing may have on its playerbase and community.

Although Fortnite’s release generated immense excitement among players and critics alike, many have complained about its ongoing development straying too far from its initial concept. Epic Games countered by emphasizing its continued innovation is necessary in keeping Fortnite fresh and exciting for its player base.

As with anything Fortnite does, its future lies uncertain – this new car-racing game mode could create quite a competitive atmosphere. Fortnite never ceases to surprise and delight players and this latest offering from them shows just that.

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