Genshin Impact Dunyu Ruins Puzzle Guide

Don’t worry if you are having difficulty solving the Dunyu Ruins Puzzle in Genshin Impact. This guide will help you to acquire the Nameless Treasure by solving the Dunyu Ruins Puzzle.

Just follow the easy steps from this Dunyu Ruins Puzzle Genshin Impact guide.

Dunyu Ruins Puzzle Genshin Impact Guide

As you reach the Dunyu Ruins and look around, you will notice that it is mostly in water. If you really pay attention, you might notice something fascinating under the water. 

There’s a glowing circular structure under the water. You can reach it by solving the puzzles in the ruins.

To solve the Dunyu Ruins Puzzle you will need to light up torches with the Pyro attacks.

dunyu ruins puzzle

Torches Locations  

The first torch can be found near the Geo statue.

dunyu ruins puzzle

On a pillar, behind the Geo Statue, you can find a second torch.

dunyu ruins puzzle

The third torch is in the main ruin building, on the stairs.

dunyu ruins puzzle

The last torch can be found near the broken pillar in the water. The image below shows the exact location of the fourth torch.

dunyu ruins puzzle

The Geo totem can only be activated after you have light up these four torches. 

Once you’ve light up all of the torches, head back to the Geo totem to activate it. Use your geo character’s skill or elemental burst to activate it. Once activated you will see a cutscene that drains all of the water.

Three Seelies Locations

The Anemo barrier protects the Nameless Treasure. You need to bring three Seelies to the spot to remove this barrier.

You can find the first Seelie to the west of the ruins across the lake. Interact with a red challenge pillar that will make some hydro slimes appear. 

You have 60 seconds to defeat them to unlock the gate near the challenge pillar. After you have done this, you can climb through the second-floor window to reach the Seelie.

dunyu ruins puzzle

Head to the eastern side of the Anemo Barrier for the second Seelie. You’ll first need to beat a Ruin guard. After you defeat the guard, the Seelie will be accessible.

dunyu ruins puzzle

The last Seelie can be found near the Geo totem.

The Reward for Dunyu Ruins Puzzle Genshin Impact 

A barrier that was blocking the chest will disappear after returning all Seelies to the center. You can now open the chest. 

Dunyu Ruins Puzzle Genshin Impact – Conclusion

In conclusion, solving the Dunyu Ruins Puzzle can be difficult, but by following this Dunyu Ruins Puzzle Genshin Impact guide, you can easily get the Nameless Treasure. 

Remember to light all four torches up with Pyro attacks and activate the Geo totem in order to drain the waters. Bring three Seelies to the Anemo Barrier to remove it and get the treasure. With these easy steps, you’ll be able to solve the Dunyu Ruins Puzzle. 

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