Genshin Impact Lingering Malady Quest Guide

Don’t worry if you are having difficulty finding the posters to complete the Genshin Impact Lingering Malady quest. This guide will help you find the exact Lingering Malady Poster locations so that you can complete your quest.

Just follow the easy steps from this Lingering Malady Genshin Impact guide.

Lingering Malady Poster Locations

This quest requires you to find posters and billboards throughout Mondstadt City. The locations of all the billboards and posters are listed below to make it easier for you. After you have found all the posters and billboards, you will receive great rewards.

Mondstadt City is the place to go if you want to get the poster. To find the posters, simply go to the location marked on the map. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to get the poster you want from the red building. 

Location of the house: Southwest of the Blacksmith

You can get the poster by climbing up on the roof of the house located to the Southwest of the Blacksmith. The exact location can be found by looking at the map below.

Poster near Dawn Winery

Find another poster by moving to the next location on the map. The poster can be found near the Dawn Winery, at the top of the walls. Here you’ll find the billboard.

Alchemy Crafting Station roof

To get the final poster, head over to the spot marked on the map. The poster is located on the roof of the Alchemy crafting station. Climb up to the roof and you will find it.

Lingering Malady Poster Locations – Conclusion

Completing the Lingering Malady Genshin Impact Quest can be difficult without knowing the exact locations of the posters. This guide gives players the exact location of the Lingering Malady poster in Mondstadt City.

This guide will show you how to easily get the posters needed to complete Genshin Impact Lingering Malady.

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