Get CROSSBOW in Dying Light: The Following – Complete Guide

This guide makes it easy to find the location of the crossbow in Dying Light: The Following. This guide will help you acquire the crossbow very easily in the game.

Crossbow in Dying Light: The Following

It’s easy to get the crossbow in Dying Light The Following. You can find the crossbow in Jasir’s town.

Follow the Pipiline

It is very easy to find your way to the station from here. Follow the pipelines in a straight direction. If you come across any damaged pipes, you are just a few steps away from your destination. As shown in the image below.

The orange container

You’ll find the train containers once you reach the last section of the pipelines. You can now open the orange container to reveal its contents.

Container Contents

In the container, you will find not only a crossbow but also blueprints and bolts that you can use to make your standard steel bolts. Do not worry if your crossbow’s strength is less than you expected. As you continue, you’ll find crossbows with greater power.

Equip the CrossBow

Now, go to your inventory and equip the Compound Crossbow. You’ll see that the regular bolt needs Nails and Plastic in the Blueprint section.

This powerful weapon will quickly eliminate zombies with a headshot. The best part is that the bolt can be easily recovered after each shot and is reusable. Its damage is so high that it’s a great weapon to use in the game.

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