Get LCC Sanctus Bike in GTA 5 – Complete Guide

If you are a passionate fan of GTA 5 then you may want to get the LCC Sanctus Bike. You will know how to get your hands on the LCC Sanctus Bike in GTA 5. It’s a must-have bike in the game and I will show you how to easily and quickly get it.

LCC Sanctus Bike in GTA 5

Sanctus Bike with Skull is an awesome ride. It has a cool skull on its front, which makes it more appealing.  

Customizing the LCC Sanctus Bike 

You can customize your LCC Sanctus Bike to give it a new look. There are many options available for customization. While certain parts, such as the steering wheel or the skull, cannot be changed, but still you have a lot of other customization options. 

The bike comes with a fuel tank that looks like a skeleton. However, you can change it to a more traditional style. You can also customize the colors of the lights to suit your style. 

To customize the LCC Sanctus Bike in GTA 5, you can visit the Arena War Workshop or the LS Car Meet Workshop.

Cons of LCC Sanctus

Sanctus’s traction is poor and it doesn’t offer a good grip. The bike can take time to reach higher speeds which can cause issues when trying to navigate hills or uneven terrain. It is also difficult to perform a smooth wheelie on this bike.

Sanctus vs Shotaro

You can participate in motorcycle races with the Sanctus but the custom version of the bike is essential. Due to its poor traction, the bike is not considered reliable enough for competitive racing in the game. 

Sanctus takes 35.4 seconds to finish a straight-track race of one mile, while Shotaro is able to do the same in only 33.1 seconds.

How to Get Sanctus Bike in GTA 5

The Sanctus Bike is only available for a limited time as it’s part of the Halloween Event. You can get it for free if you have Prime Gaming. If you don’t own Prime Gaming you will need to pay 2 million dollars for it, making it GTA 5 second most expensive motorcycle.


The LCC Sanctus is a popular bike because it has a unique design and many customization options in GTA 5. It has some drawbacks such as a lack of traction. It takes the bike longer to accelerate and it does not do smooth wheelies. Customizing the bike for racing is important. LCC Sanctus bike in GTA 5 can be purchased for 2 million dollars or by Prime Gaming. It is the second-most expensive motorcycle available in the game.

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