Get the Alien Suit GTA 5 Online – Complete Guide

This guide will show you How to Get the Alien Suit GTA 5 Online. You have to buy the suits to engage in the alien war. Let’s with the GTA 5 Online guide.

Alien Suit GTA 5 Online

You must purchase the alien suit to take part in the war against the aliens. Choose between a green or purple outfit. You can start by visiting any Clothing Store. 

Further, navigate to the Outfits section, and then locate the Arena War outfits.

Alien Suit GTA 5 Online

Green or Purple Suit

The Body Suits section is where you can find the alien suits. The Green Martian Bodysuit and the Purple Martian Bodysuit are the two exotic suits available to you. You must carefully choose your outfit as your gang affiliation is determined by your choice. Moreover, learn about gangs before you buy the alien suits.

Green Suit

To become a part of the Green Outfit gang, buy the Green Martian Bodysuit 

Purple Suit

Moreover, to become a part of the Purple Outfit gang, buy the Purple Martian Bodysuit.


In conclusion, alien suits allow you to fight a war against aliens in GTA 5 Online. You can buy either a Green or a Purple Outfit. Choose your outfit carefully as it will determine your gang membership.

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