Get the best chain in GTA Online – Complete Guide

If you are looking for How to get the best chain in GTA Online then you are at the right place.

Be ready to unlock the finest chain available in GTA Online by heading towards a nightclub restroom and generously tipping a person present there with $500. Follow the comprehensive step-by-step instructions in order to secure it and enjoy GTA Online at its fullest potential.

Enter the Nightclub

Step one is entering the nightclub and finding its restroom, where you will discover someone similar to what is depicted here. Be generous and offer them a gift of $500 as a tip.

Change your Outfit

Once you’ve accomplished this, it’s time for a wardrobe change. Access the Interaction menu, navigate to the Accessories Section, and modify your mask. Additionally, click the Style options to switch up your overall outfit.

Get the Best Chain in GTA Online From Accessories

From Accessories, you’ll discover an impressive variety of chains to add some flair. Feel free to pair them with any compatible outfit of your choice.

Best Chain in GTA Online

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