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Getaway Driver 3D


Getaway Driver 3D is an epic car racing game where your objective is to drive away! This is an online game with 3D graphics where you play as the villain of the story. Someone just robbed a bank and hired you as their getaway driver. Don’t waste any time and get away as long as you can. Go on freeways, drive through the city, and drive on the sidewalks…anything you have to do to lose the cops. Be careful because this isn’t a regular police car after you.

They’re not afraid to ram you in or block you off even if there are other cars around. Sometimes you have to play dirty to get ahead and in this case, you have to get on their playing field. This is a cool racing car game with different driving abilities that will help you live out your drift-car racing fantasies.


To play this car game, use your arrow keys to navigate the car’s direction and speed. Look to the left-hand corner to view your mileage and gas availability. Click on settings to make any changes to behavior types, hud colors, and driver assistants. You can click on F for nitro, R for repair, and C for the camera. Look to the lower left-hand corner to see how much further you have to go and where you can refuel.


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