Getting Lance Of Ruin The Easy Way: Fire Emblem Three Houses

This guide will help you get the Lance of Ruin Fire Emblem. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you can use many different types of weapons to fight your battles. 

You may not know, but there are certain weapons that are extra-powerful.  

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to obtain the most powerful weapon, Lance of Ruin Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Lance of Ruin

It’s a weapon with a 9-pound Wt and an incredible 22 Mt strength with a Crit rate of 20 percent. It also has a 65 percent Hit rate, making it the most powerful weapon in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Lance Of Ruin

Defeat the Transformed Miklan, In Chapter 5

To get a Lance of Ruin, you must progress to Chapter 5 of the game. 

It means you must complete the main story quests, including defeating Miklan, who has transformed into a terrible beast.

Lance Of Ruin

Lance of Ruin Fire Emblem: Refuse Rhea’s Request

After you’ve won the battle, a cutscene appears. Rhea will ask you to give her a Lance of Ruin. 

You must say no or reject Rhea if you wish to get the most powerful weapon.

Lance Of Ruin

Lance of Ruin has a unique power, Ruined Sky.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Lance of Ruin – Conclusion

It is important to note that in order to obtain the Three Houses Lance of Ruin, you will need to complete the main story quests and defeat the transformed Miklan, in Chapter 5.

To obtain this powerful weapon you will need to refuse Rhea’s request. The Lance of Ruin, with its weight of 9 pounds and 22 Mt strength, as well as a 20% Crit rate and a 65% Hit Rate, is a powerful weapon that will give you a significant advantage in battles.

Use this guide to learn how to obtain the Lance of Ruin Fire Emblem.

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