Grounded: 10 Best Weapons & Tools, Ranked

When you’re tiny in a messy backyard, like in the game Grounded, you’ve gotta get creative with your weapons! No fancy swords here – just ant jaws and Tic Tac bits. But don’t worry, these DIY weapons can still pack a punch and become the best weapons.

With the right crafty skills, you can even take on super scary spiders. Just remember, you can’t waste materials, so choose your weapons wisely. Here are some of the coolest, most effective weapons to help you survive and thrive in Grounded.

7. Spidey Fang Dagger

best weapons

Damage: Slash, Up close and personal

Extra Oomph: Ouchie poison

Made of: Creepy spider fang, Silky rope, Nasty spider venom

Don’t let this lil’ dagger fool you. It may look like just another stabby-stabby, but it’s a secret boss-bustin’ beast! With its built-in poison power, you can dance around big baddies, leaving ’em green and gasping.

Whipping up this wicked weapon ain’t no biggie, and it’s cheap to fix with just a dollop of spider venom. You’ll bump into tons of eight-legged freaks on your journey, so why not turn ’em into an epic tool? Just watch out for those pesky flyers – this baby won’t do you much good against them.

6. Insect Bow

best weapons

Damage: Stabbing, Ranged

Extra Oomph: None

Made of: Spider Chunk, Spider Fang, Silk Rope

“Bigger isn’t always better”, but when it comes to taking down powerful enemies, we all require extra firepower. Enter the Insect Bow: your reliable companion for taking down giant bosses and pesky mini-bosses!

Good news is this mighty bow is easy to create without requiring you to collect rare materials! Plus, its powerful properties will help make early game playthroughs feel effortless!

One might ask why not just use the basic bow? Unfortunately, that tiny little thing simply can’t do the job of dealing with damage effectively – that’s where the Insect Bow comes in to save the day like a superhero!

Crafting this weapon is even simpler: almost identical components are needed as for the Spider Fang Dagger, so crafting this dagger won’t take you much time at all! Plus, all those spiders you squash along the way provide ample ingredients!

5. Antlion Greatsword

Damage: Slashing, Melee

Extra Oomph: None

Components: Antlion Pincer, Antlion Part, Silk Rope

Prepare to dive deep into the wild and dangerous Sandbox! Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about defeating those pesky Antlions! Yup, that’s right! By taking down a few of these creepy-crawlies, you’ll get your hands on some sweet loot to craft the ultimate sword in the game!

Introducing the Antlion Slasher! It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s got damage that’s through the roof! This beauty of a sword is tied with the Spicy Coaltana as the highest-damage sword you’ll find. So, if swords are your thing, you don’t wanna miss this one!

Now, let’s talk about its looks. It’s got size, it’s got weight, and it’s definitely got a fierce rep! Made from a bunch of Antlion pincers, this sword is all about raw power. Sure, it doesn’t have any fancy magical abilities or anything, but who needs that when you’ve got a tier-three sword that packs a massive punch?

4. Spicy Coaltana

Damage: Slashing, Melee

Extra Oomph: Spicy, Illuminates Surroundings

Made of: Spicy Glob, EverChar Coal Chunk, Tough Gunk

The Spicy Coaltana is a super cool sword that lights up like a nightlight! Yeah, it needs a bunch of tricky ingredients, but trust me, it’s worth it. This glowing beauty not only lights up the dark but also helps you fight off creepy crawlies that can’t handle the heat!

Even though it’s a big sword, it’s as fast as those hefty two-handed clubs. Plus, it’s a katana, which just screams awesomeness! But beware – fixing this bad boy might cost you a pretty penny. So, get ready for some nighttime adventures with the Spicy Coaltana and show those bugs who’s boss!

3. Scythe of Blossoms

Damage: Chopping, Melee

Extra Oomph: Yoked Blows (chance to deal higher Critical Damage), Stun

Made of: Mantis Claw, Mantis Chunk, Pupa Leather, Rust, Lint Rope

You bet it’s worth tackling that big bad Mantis boss for its precious bits and pieces.

Why? Say hello to the Scythe of Blossoms! This super-duper weapon is totally one-of-a-kind when it comes to two-handers.

Here’s the scoop: It’s got DOUBLE the swing speed of other two-handed weapons but only a teeny-tiny bit less damage. Plus, it can make your enemies go all wobbly with some stun buildup. But wait, there’s more!

This swanky Scythe of Blossoms also has the Yoked Blows perk, giving you a better chance to score some extra juicy Critical Hit damage. Because of its lightning-fast swing speed, you’ll be dishing out some serious damage, way more than other two-handers.

2. Sour Staff

Damage: Sour, Ranged

Extra Oomph: Sour

Made of: Sour Glob, Pinecone Piece, Tough Gunk, Pond Moss

Wanna zap your foes from afar? Look no further than the super-cool Sour Staff! This rad weapon lets you whip up a zappy, electric Sour charge from a good distance. It’s like hurling a magical, electrifying beach ball at your enemies!

Sure, it moves a bit slow and loves bouncing off walls, but boy oh boy, does it pack a punch! Especially when you need to blow up pesky Termite or Ant Hills. But watch out, friends – the boom can hurt you too! So, have a blast (literally) with this electrifying wand, and let the sparks fly!

1. Club of the Mother Demon

Damage: Generic, Melee

Extra Oomph: Stun

Made of: Broodmother Venom, Broodmother Fang, Broodmother Chunk

Oh boy, when it comes to the top melee weapon in the game, there’s no doubt about it! The Club of the Mother Demon is the real deal! To get your hands on this bad boy, you gotta beat the super scary Broodmother boss. You can try tackling her in the middle of the game or whenever you’re feeling brave enough.

This club doesn’t have any fancy elemental powers, but who needs those when you’ve got some serious stun action and the highest melee damage in the game? You might have to keep battling the Broodmother over and over, especially if all your pals want a piece of this epic, monster-smashing hammer!

Furthermore, you can play Grounded on PS4. The Grounded XBox X|S series is also available.

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