GTA 6 Blunder: You Might Not Be Able To Play it

People are very excited about GTA 6, the next Grand Theft Auto game. The interest is huge and as we learn more about it, especially from leaks online, our excitement increases.

The game sounds really good because of two main characters, Vice City, and a focus on thefts. But, it seems like many people won’t be able to play the game when it is released.

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GTA 6 Not Available

GTA 6 Might Not Include Many Players GTA 6 is expected to be released in late 2024 or more likely in 2025, with the announcement happening sometime this year. That’s still a long time until we can play the new Grand Theft Auto. This also means that GTA 6 is likely to be only for the next-gen consoles, only on PC, Xbox Series, and PS5.

This is according to Tom Henderson, a person who often shares news about the game and who has correctly leaked details about it before.

GTA 5 mods already showed, how impressive the sequel could be graphically. Rockstar Henderson said that the game was planned to be for “current gen only from day 1”. While this is good to hear because it means the game can really show off its graphics and technology, it also means many players who haven’t upgraded to this generation of consoles will be left out.

The Xbox Series and PS5 have been available since 2020, but it’s been hard to get one of these, especially the Sony console. Luckily, this is slowly improving. So, there are high hopes that by the time GTA 6 is released, these consoles will be easy to get and most people will have one.

If you are thinking about upgrading your PC, look at the new and reasonably priced Nvidia 40 series of graphics cards.

Until now, this generation of consoles hasn’t given players many reasons to upgrade. Will this change by 2025? Let’s hope so. If not, you can always build a powerful PC, which is simpler than ever. That is if you can afford it…

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