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Ah, Gunblood – the game that made us realize that the Wild West could be just as funny as it was dangerous. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you. Whether you’re aiming to improve your reflexes or just goofing around with the AI, Gunblood is a surefire way to have a rootin’ tootin’ good time. And with GunBlood Cheats it’ll be unstoppable fun.

GunBlood Cheats

And guess what, partner? The developers decided to throw in some cheat codes for an extra dose of hilarity. Just enter these codes in the character selection menu, and you’ll be shooting up a storm with unlimited ammo, invincibility, and more.

Common GunBlood Cheats

Ready to cheat your way to comedic glory? Just mosey on over to the chat box at the character selection screen and enter the following codes:

NOHIT: Yeehaw! This cheat turns you into a rootin’ tootin’ immortal cowboy. No bullets will harm you, partner!

MOREAMMO: Tired of counting bullets? This cheat gives you unlimited ammo so you can keep on shootin’ till the cows come home.

POINTER: Can’t hit the broad side of a barn? No worries! This cheat adds a laser crosshair to your weapon, making aiming a piece of cake.

FASTFIRE: Want to outdraw your opponents? This cheat lets you shoot faster than greased lightning, leaving the AI in the dust.

Gunblood Level Cheats:

Stuck on a level and need a helping hand? Just use these level cheats to mosey on through to the next stage:

Level 1: LEVEL1

Level 2: LEVEL2

Level 3: LEVEL3

Level 4: LEVEL4

Level 5: LEVEL5

Level 6: LEVEL6

Level 7: LEVEL7

Level 8: LEVEL8

Level 9: LEVEL9

Bonus Level 1: BONUS1

Bonus Level 2: BONUS2

Bonus Level 3: BONUS3

Bonus Level 4: BONUS4

So saddle up, partner, and get ready for a wild ride through the Wild West of Gunblood. And remember – in this game, it’s not about being the fastest gun, but the funniest one. Check out the Gaming Section on Game Pro Guides for more hilariously awesome guides.

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