Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Tier List

Gwent the Witcher is a collectible card game that was made public in 2019, featuring popular heroes from the world of Witcher.

You can play this game using a deck of cards. Where players take turns placing their cards on the board in a span of three rounds.

If you win two out of three rounds, you’re the winner. If a player loses all their cards in a single round, they lose the game and have to exit. You earn points for winning rounds which can be used to earn card packs to improve the player’s deck.

Gwent the Witcher offers seasonal play options that allow players to earn fantastic rewards. You can enjoy Gwent The Witcher on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile phones. It is available for free on the iPhone’s App Store or Google Play Store.

Characters in Gwent the Witcher are divided into a single group, with the most prominent characters being Jorund, Lambert, Leo Bonhart, and Shani.

Jorund can steal an opponent’s card, while Lambert has the power to dismiss an enemy card. Leo Bonhart eliminates hero cards, and Shani can revive two cards.

Players must use their cards to defeat their opponents in this exciting game.

CharacterFactionSpecial Power
JorundSkelligeCan steal a card from the opponent’s board
LambertNeutralSo annoying that an enemy card simply walks off
Leo BonhartNeutralEliminates hero cards
ShaniNeutralCan bring two cards back to life
The Bloody BaronNorthern RealmsScares an enemy card away
UmaNeutralCan be used to trap an enemy card and reduce attack points
VilgefortzNeutralHero card with 20 attack points
Vysogota of CorvoNorthern RealmsCan bring back hero cards

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