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If you are playing the game Hollow Knight and need help getting through it, you can use our Hollow Knight Walkthrough Guide.

We have a complete Hollow Knight Walkthrough that will help you find and defeat all the areas of the game. Our walkthrough will guide you through the entire game and will make it easy for you to overcome any challenges that you face in Hollow Knight.

Helpful tips and tricks are mentioned there to make your journey easy. Let our Hollow Knight Walkthrough Guide help you overcome every challenge.

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Dirtmouth is like the main place in Hallownest. Dirtmouth has many things to discover, like Geo deposits, charms, and two shops. 

King’s Pass is a small subsection of Dirtmouth that you’ll encounter when you first start playing. To reach the main area of the level you need to navigate through King’s Pass. Many NPCs gather in the central area of the level.

Forgotten Crossroads

Hollow Knight’s underground world begins at the Forgotten Crossroads. Here you’ll encounter many new things for the first time, including your first boss, Stag Stations, and Grubs. 

As you explore this area for the first time, you will discover many interesting things like Grubs and charms.


If you got stuck in Hollow Knight because of an Elder Baldur then the Vengeful Spirit Spell will help you to defeat him.

Hornet, a new enemy brings a change of scenery. Hornet is a tough character and a formidable opponent. You will discover charms, Geo deposits, and Grubs while exploring Greenpath. 

You can also unlock the Mothwing Cloak here. Moreover, the Mothwing Cloak will give you the ability of dashing, which makes your journey much easier. 

Fog Canyon

This creepy and mysterious area is found in the western part of Hallownest. It’s home to strange creatures and dangerous obstacles. Fog Canyon, despite its scary appearance, is an important part of the game. It serves as the passage point to the next levels.

As you begin your adventure in Fog Canyon, there’s no need to spend too much time here. This is just a place that we will pass through as we move on to the next level.

Fungal Wastes

The Fungal Wastes in Hollow Knight is a difficult level, full of mushrooms and dangerous enemies. It’s also a very vertical level, making it difficult to navigate.

Mantis Village is one of the most notable locations in Fungal Wastes, and is also home to some of the toughest enemies. Mantis Village also has a treasure, the Mantis Claw. This ability allows players to stick to walls and jump off them.

City of Tears

City of Tears, the capital of the Kingdom is located in the middle of Hallownest. Here you can find out more about Hollow Knight, the main character in the game. The City of Tears has a large number of enemies, some of which are easy to defeat while others are difficult. 

Even bosses, such as the Soul Master, will be encountered. Desolate Dive is a powerful spell that you can get if you manage to defeat Soul Master. You can use this spell to smash the ground. It will damage enemies and destroy objects and environmental obstacles.

In addition, you’ll find Shade Soul which is an upgrade to your Vengeful Spirit spell. This makes the Vengeful Spirit stronger, making it great for tough enemies.

At this level, you’ll also get to meet the Nailsmith, who will help you strengthen your Nail. As you explore this area for the first time, you will discover many interesting things like Grubs and charms.

Crystal Peak

This level has a number of goals that you must achieve. The first thing you have to do is get the Crystal Heart. This will give you the power to fly horizontally. You will get the Descending Dark spell to upgrade Desolate Dive. 

Lastly, you will need to make your way to the Resting Grounds. When you explore this area, you will discover many interesting things like Grubs and charms.

Resting Grounds

The Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight is a very important level in the game for two reasons. 

Firstly, it helps you to understand your goal in the game and how to achieve them to complete the game. 

Secondly, you get the Dream Nail from this level. Dream Nails allows you to collect essence and enter dreams. Both of these things are necessary to complete the game.

Royal Waterways

The Royal Waterways lies beneath the City of Tears and is a gloomy, scary place. You’ll find tiny creatures that are fast and hard to defeat. It’s important to move carefully through these dark pipes. 

Although you’ll only have to go through this area to reach the next level, you can detour to Isma’s Grove and get Isma’s Tear which allows you to swim in acidic water. It’s useful because there is a lot of acidic water to swim in Hollow Knight.

Ancient Basin

In the Ancient Basin you will encounter many Shadow Creepers. However, there are other enemies that can be found in its hidden spots. If you are planning to explore the Ancient Basin, be prepared to fight some tough battles.

You will get the Mothwing Cloak at this level. This cloak gives you the ability to jump twice. It will allow you to access areas that you previously couldn’t reach.

Kingdom’s Edge

Kingdom’s Edge is the next level after you are done with the Ancient Basin. It’s not essential to visit this area in order to reach the first ending of Hollow Knight. However, it is still worth visiting. 

It’s best to visit here because the next area you will access has upgrades. These upgrades will boost your abilities and two of your spells, making your journey easier.

Kingdom’s Edge in Hollow Knight is a challenging area. A thrilling level is located in the eastern part of Hallownest. You’ll have to climb towering cliffs and battle tough enemies to face Hornet again. You’ll get a special item if you win. It will allow you to enter The Abyss. You might find some Grubs, Charms, and other helpful items while exploring.

The Abyss

The Abyss, located at the bottom level of Hallownest is the darkest and deepest part of Hollow Knight. You must first go through Kingdom’s Edge, and then fight with Hornet again to reach this level. 

Abyss Shriek and Shade Cloak are two upgrades you get in The Abyss. These will upgrade your Howling Wraiths, while the latter upgrade your Mothwing Cloak.


Deepnest, is a scary and difficult level of Hollow Knight. The level is very dark and can be very dangerous because it is filled with creepy enemies who can harm you badly. 

Even though it is tough, you can find some helpful things like Pale Ore, Mask Shard, and Vessel Fragment. The Beast’s Den is at the end of Deepnest, where you’ll confront the first Dreamer.

Return to Fog Canyon

Remember when you passed through the Fog Canyon? You may have only passed quickly through it. But you can explore more of the Fog Canyon if you go back to get to the Teacher’s Archives.

This level isn’t as full of things to discover compared to other levels. There are some useful things to find here, Grub and a Charm Notch.

Return to the City of Tears

Return to the City of Tears, and then head to Watcher’s Spire to encounter the third Dreamer. You will need to face tough enemies on your way. The Watcher’s Spire can be found in the heart of the City of Tears. It’s a difficult area to access.

Temple of the Black Egg

The Temple of the Black Egg is like the last battle in the game. This is the place where you will face a formidable enemy to free Hallownest from the harmful infection that is spreading everywhere. It’s a tough challenge.


After you have finished the game for the first time, and loaded your save file, you’ll appear on the bench where you took a break before fighting the last boss. You can now unlock the other endings to the game.

Obtaining The Void Heart

The Void Heart charm is required to finish the game and unlock all its endings. It’s not easy to get it – just like everything else that you’ve done.

Queen’s Garden 

For the Void Heart charm, you need to go to the Queen’s Garden. This place has a lot of platforming challenges and is harder than the levels you have played before in Hollow Knight. 

Once you’re there, you need to meet White Lady and get a White Fragment from her.

The White Palace

The White Palace in Hollow Knight is really tough to get through. You will need to master your gameplay in order to cross the White Palace. It’s worth the effort, as if you manage to get through the White Palace you will be able to handle any other level in the game. 

There you will also find another White Fragment that helps you form the Kingsoul.

Void Heart – The Birthplace

As you know, If you want to unlock other endings in Hollow Knight, you need to get the Void Heart charm. 

After obtaining the Kingsoul, move to the Birthplace. It’s the final destination where you will get the Void Heart charm. Once you have it, you can unlock the other endings in the game. 

Returning to the Hollow Knight

After obtaining the Void Heart, you will have to return to the Temple of the Black Egg to face an enemy that you have already taken down. Unlock another boss fight if you meet a specific requirement. This battle is considered to be the hardest in Hollow Knight.

The Godmaster DLC

The Godmaster DLC adds a new section to the game, where you can fight bosses in a row. If you are a master at your game and beat the Pantheon of DLC, then you may even see two more endings.

Hollow Knight Walkthrough – Final Verdict

Our complete Hollow Knight Walkthrough Guide will help anyone struggling to play the game. We have provided detailed information about how to navigate through the different areas, defeat enemies and bosses, and all the necessary upgrades and items.

Our tips and tricks will make your Hollow Knight journey much smoother. This guide is meant to help you complete the game. We hope you found all the information you need to finish the game.

Thank you for using the Hollow Knight Walkthrough Guide. Good luck in your journey through the mysterious and vast world of Hallownest.

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