Hollow Knight Walkthrough: Ancient Basin

This Hollow Knight Walkthrough will get you through the Ancient Basin which is an extremely deep area in the Hollow Knight.

Let’s begin with this Hollow Knight Walkthrough.

Arriving at the Ancient Basin

You will find the floating platforms with centipede-looking creatures on the left of the chamber after you have gone down the Royal Waterways. These creatures are gathered in a pit of spikes. 

Avoid falling and being hurt by jumping on the platforms. Be careful as there are Winged Sentries in the area. Move forward until you reach another area. You need to keep moving down until you arrive at the bottom. On your bottom right, there will be a hole. Once you’ve jumped into the hole, you will arrive in the Ancient Basin.

Encounter the Cornifer 

As you will enter the Ancient Basin, be aware of Shadow Creepers and you will find the Cornifer’s trail of paper leading you to the left. Follow the path and keep moving down. On your right, you’ll see a room with a fountain that belongs to the Pale King. 

You can get a Vessel Fragment if you put 3,000 Geos in the fountain. Buy a map of the Ancient Basin from the Cornifer for 112 Geos. You can find him near the fountain. 

Take the left of the basin and descend from Cornifer. Look for a toll machine and put 150 Geos in it. You will be able to get a bench to rest.

Defeat the Mawlurk 

To cross a pit, use your Crystal Heart. You’ll find a Geo Deposit on a platform while crossing a pit. Use your Crystal Heart once more and be careful not to hit the spikes on the other side. 

Continue to move left, and then go down to the bottom. You will find another Geo Geposit on your upper left. Collect the Geos and go down to the room below. Mawlurk will be in your path.

Reaching the Boss Room

After the Mawlurk, you will find a passage. At the bottom, there is a spike pit. To avoid this, you must dash left. After you’ve done this, go to the left and continue moving forward. Mawlurks! Avoid them on your journey. 

As you progress, you will find a shaft to jump on it. Once you reach the bottom, turn right and you’ll find a Mawlurk dead that has a bug dead inside that you can loot for a Simple Key.

Return to the top of the screen and turn towards the left. Another Mawlurk will be sitting on a platform that floats. Before moving on, defeat it. Through the small hole on the left, you can avoid its infection.

You will encounter the last Mawlurk here. It must be defeated before you can move forward. Keep going until you get to the end of the pathway and climb up to the next room. As you climb, keep moving to the left. On your left, you’ll see a wooden beam-held door. To get to the bench, destroy the beams. Once done, now to enter the boss room you need to proceed to the left.

Defeat the Broken Vessel

It is one of the toughest bosses in the Hollow Knight. This boss is extremely aggressive and uses several dangerous attacks including infection blobs. Infected Balloons also appear throughout the fight to make it even more difficult to defeat him. 

We have tips that will help you defeat the boss and deal with the attacks.

Dash Attack

You can avoid the Dash Attack by jumping when the Broken Vessel is dashing rapidly toward you. You can hurt him by slashing downwards while he is dashing beneath you.

Aerial Dash

When he makes an aerial dash above you, hit him with an upward slash. You need to be careful after you make the attack because he can land on you and you will get the damage.

Flailing Attack

Avoid getting too close when he flails his finger from left to right, as he could damage you. Shade Soul can cause significant damage to Broken Vessel. 

Downward Slam

He will hover and then slam on the ground, creating two infection blobs which will then move upwards. You must be very careful to avoid the infection blobs as they can do damage. Wait until all the blobs have disappeared before attacking him. This strategy can help you defeat Broken Vessel.

The boss will jump constantly around the area. Infected Balloons are spawned frequently during the fight. You can use the Defender’s Crest charm to create a mist and destroy the infected balloons.

Obtaining the Monarch Wings

Once you defeat the Broken Vessel, go left and enter the room. Keep going until you find Monarch Wings. Monarch Wings ability lets you jump twice to reach higher places. You can now reach places you couldn’t before. 

You can reach the highest level of Crystal Guardian’s Room and fight the Enraged Guardian. You can also reach the top of Crystal Peak to get the Hallownest’s Crown.

Heading to Broken Vessel’s Room

Use your new ability to leave this room. To reach the room of the Broken Vessel, walk to the left. Use your double jump ability to reach the path you can see above you.

Geo deposit can be found on the top platform. After climbing up to the platform on the left, dash to the left while you are in the air and jump to stick on the wall. Continue climbing up the platform to reach the top. 

Moreover, go to the opposite platform and move down. When you reach the bottom, dash to the left and jump to stick to the wall above you. Climb up until you see a Grub. Return to the bench once you’ve freed the Grub.

Finding Pale Ore

Now, go to the top of the Ancient Basin. You can jump on the ceiling, then go to your left and look for a hole. Go through the opening to enter the room. The Lesser Mawlek will be on your left as you move forward. Take him down.

Continue to the left and climb up. Then defeat another Lesser Mawlek. Keep going to the left until you find a cavern with two more Lesser Mawleks. You need to take them down, and then move to the left to get the Pale Ore. Finally, return to the Ancient Basin.

Arriving at the Hidden Station

Keep going down until you pass the place where you encounter Cornifer. Then, go right and go down again from this place. On your right, you will see a signpost. Jump twice to reach the area on the top and go to the right.

Continue walking to the right, until you come across a wall. You can enter the area behind this wall by hitting it with your nail. You will arrive at the Hidden Station. Put 300 Geos into the toll machine to call the Stag.

Be ready for your next journey. This is it for this Hollow Knight Walkthrough.

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