Hollow Knight Walkthrough: Dirtmouth

Dirtmouth will be the first level that you encounter in Hollow Knight. This Hollow Knight Walkthrough will get you through the start of your journey. Dirtmouth is also where many of the NPCs in the game gather after you’ve met them during your adventure.

King’s Pass in Dirtmouth

Let’s begin with this Hollow Knight Walkthrough. You will arrive at King’s Pass when you first start the game. It’s a sub-section of Dirtmouth. You will be able to control ‘The Knight’ after the intro cutscene. You should first walk to the left and search for a Geocache. It contains a valuable Geo. 

You can get the Geo by destroying the cache once you’ve found it. Next, you will need to destroy the gates on your right. But beware of the Crawlids.

hollow knight walkthrough

You can get another Geo cache by taking out the Crawlid on your right after you have jumped down to the floating platform. Again, you need to destroy the cache to get the Geos inside.

Interacting with Glowing Ellipsoid

Continue to jump onto the platforms and keep going until you reach the top left section. After reaching the top, watch out for the falling spike. Then continue moving forward. 

You’ll come across a large glowing ellipsoid which you can interact with in order to learn more about Soul or Focus.

Narrow Cave and Geo Cache

Continue moving towards the left and you will come across floating platforms. In this area, beware of the Vengefly. Go further to the left and you will discover a door that you can break down. It will lead you to a narrow cave and there you find another Geo cache.

Getting the Lifeblood Masks

Now go back outside and Continue climbing the floating platforms. Keep going until you reach the top. Beware of the falling spike. Before you reach the top, defeat the Vengefly. 

When you reach the top, look to your left for the Lifeblood Room. Two blue Lifeseeds will appear after you take down the Lifeblood Cocoon. These blue Lifeseeds can be destroyed in order to get the two Lifeblood Masks.

Choosing the Correct Path

After that, move to your right and keep moving forward. Keep moving even if the floor starts to fall apart. There are spikes on the ground. Jump on the floating platforms to avoid them. Make sure you get to the other side quickly before the spikes fall from the ceiling.

When you reach the other side, you have to choose between two paths. You must choose the bottom one path first and then move to your right. There you will discover another room. Now explore the area and you will then find a Geo cache. Destroy the cache to get Geo. It’s a bit tricky to cross the spike pit. The ‘nail bounce’ can be used to get across it. Jump on the spikes, and then slash down just before you hit the ground. You will bounce off the spikes and gain the necessary boost to reach the platform on the other side.

Obtaining First Charm, Fury of Fallen

When you get to the other side, go down for a glowing chest. You can get your first Charm, Fury of Fallen, by hitting the chest. Then, move toward the left and descend to get back to where you found the second Geo cache. Then, continue moving until you reach the place where the ground collapsed.

Gate to Dirtmouth

Continue forward and leap onto the top-right ledge. You should then go up toward the ceiling, which seems to be fragile and brittle. To reach the right, you need to jump and break those weak logs. If you walk to the right, you will see a towering gate. 

Now, you need to hit it until your screen turns black.

Reaching Dirtmouth

After crossing the gate, you need to jump down and move to the right until you reach Dirtmouth. Once you arrive, you will encounter Elderbug, an NPC. All you need to do is interact with an NPC.

Journey to Forgotten Crossroads

Take a rest on the bench near the Elderbug in order to save your game progress and equip a charm. If you’re unlucky enough to die, you will respawn at the same bench. Continue moving to the right and past the houses to find a well. 

Then, go down in the well and reach the Forgotten Crossroads.

This is it for this Hollow Knight Walkthrough.

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