Hollow Knight Walkthrough: Forgotten Crossroads

You’ll be carried to the underground world of Hallownest as soon as you plunge into the deep well. This Hollow Knight Walkthrough will get you through the Forgotten Crossroads. Here, you will encounter many new things. 

Prepare yourself to take on tough enemies as you explore Forgotten Crossroads.

Encounter Grubfather

Let’s begin with this Hollow Knight Walkthrough. You need to move towards the left and find a small opening. To get the Geo, you’ll need to defeat an enemy and destroy a Geo cache. After you’re done, go back up to the left. Continue to fight enemies until you reach your next room. In the next room, you’ll encounter Gruzzers and Crawlids. 

Before you continue your journey, be sure to check out the room on the left, where you will encounter Grubfather. Any Grubs that you rescue and find will make their way back here.

Map of the Forgotten Crossroads

You need to go to the bottom of the room to complete the level. You will have to face enemies there. To get Geo, you can defeat or avoid these enemies. You will find an opening at the bottom. 

When you enter, you will hear a humming. The sound is coming from Cornifer, the cartographer, who is located on the bottom-right side. Speak to him and buy a Map of the Forgotten Crossroads. You should have at least 30 Geos. You can go back and get more Geo if you need to.

He may tell you to go into his wife’s shop in Dirtmouth. Let’s skip it for now. Moreover, head below Cornifer and stay on the right side to avoid falling into the spike pit. To reach the next room, follow the path to your right.

Defeat Aspid Hunters

You will find three Geo caches when you enter the next room and you can also break the wall on the top right in order to find one more Geo cache. After collecting all Geos, go back down to the bottom and keep moving right.

Once you have reached the area to your right, the gate will close and block your path until you defeat the Aspid Hunters that are guarding the area. After you have defeated them, you will be able to enter the room at the top-right, where there is a Hot Spring and a bench. The Hot Spring will refill the Masks and Soul gauge, allowing you to proceed to the next room through the entrance below it.

Encounter Goams

Goams are strange creatures that look like centipedes, you’ll encounter them in the next room. They are not enemies, but obstacles, as they can’t really be defeated with attacks. Try to avoid them while you move to the right to enter the next area. 

As you enter the room next, you will encounter Goams again. Avoid them and you need to continue moving to the right. You will discover a Geo cache in the upper-right corner. Be careful, as there is a Goam standing guard. Make your way to the right after collecting the Geo.

First Stag Station

Look to your right as soon as you enter the next room. You’ll find a signpost. This signpost will guide you in the correct direction. You can follow it all the way to the top, and then jump to the platform to your left. After you’ve done that, you will be in a room with a bench and your first Stag Station.

Use a toll-machine to fast travel for 50 Geos. Once you confirm, a bell will appear and you must hit it with the Nail. A Stag then comes to take you to Dirtmouth. This is the only location available to fast travel at the beginning of the game.

You can buy Iselda’s wares if you are there. You can purchase a Quill from her. It is essential because you can update your map when you discover new places with Quill. The second item, Wayward Compass Charm, costs 220 Geos. This charm will also help you find your exact location on the map. Now come back to Forgotten Crossroads.

Leave the Stag Station

Don’t forget to stop and take a seat on the bench after you reach the Forgotten Crossroads. Leave the Stag Station, and then go up to the platform at your upper right. As you climb up, you will see two doors facing each other.

Beware of Husk Guard

First, jump up to the upper right corner. You will see a platform to your left. Jump up to that platform. There is a wall in front of you which you can break. Two Aspid Hunters will be behind it when you smash it. By defeating the Aspid Hunters and releasing the Grub from the jar you need to go back down and take the path on your left side.

In the next room, you will face a Husk Guard. This is a very tough enemy. You need to be careful because this guy is stronger than all the enemies you’ve fought before.

You can choose to fight the Husk Guard or avoid him entirely by using the platforms above him. Be aware that he is a powerful opponent. He can even take two masks of your health in one hit. If you defeat the Husk Guard you will receive 45 Geos as a reward. This reward can be useful on your journey.

After you pass the Husks, turn left to reach the next area. On the left, there will be a closed gate that blocks your path to the next room. Move up by jumping onto the floating platform. 

After you’ve reached the top, face your enemies by moving to the left. Keep moving left to prepare yourself to battle with the first boss.

Defeat the False Knight

Don’t be afraid when you encounter the False Knight. The False Knight may look intimidating at first but actually moves slowly, giving you ample time to react. 

Slamming his mace into the ground creates a powerful shockwave, which will move towards you. This move is telegraphed by him leaning backwards and raising his mace, giving you plenty of time to prepare.

Recommended Strategy

The big, frightening guy in the arena jumps around a lot. He will sometimes jump normally and other times try to hit you when he lands with his mace. It’s best to walk behind him when he jumps toward you. So you can hit him repeatedly without him being able to hit you in return. 

Healing Opportunity

After you have hit him enough times, he will weaken and eventually fall. When his real head appears, you can take advantage of this moment. Use this opportunity to heal yourself, if necessary. While he’s on the ground, you have plenty of opportunity to heal. Concentrate on attacking his head until he stands up again.

New trick of the False Knight

Now, he will do a new trick where he will jump to the middle of the room and hit the floor with his mace. The barrels will fall from the ceiling. You can either try to avoid the barrels or hit them with your Nail. You need to be cautious because when he hits the floor again, will see more barrels fall.

Claiming Rewards

Continue attacking him until he stumbles three times. When he smashes his mace against the ground, you will both fall to the lower level. When he falls on his chest and his head is revealed, you can aim at it. Continue attacking him until you beat him. You will get 200 Geos as well as an item called City Crest.

You can now continue your journey to the left after you’ve defeated the False-Knight.

The Ancestral Mound

In order to reach the Ancestral Mound, you must first keep moving leftward and locate a lever. To reach Cornifer, press the lever to open a door. Look for another path that leads above the lever area and follow it up until you find a structure. This structure leads you to the Ancestral Mound.

Obtaining the Vengeful Spell

After entering the area, there is a bench that you can use to rest. Snail Shaman is an NPC that you can talk to next to the bench. He will then offer you the Vengeful Spell. 

As soon as you accept the spell, you will pass out and find yourself somewhere else. The Knight must be moved to wake up from this state. The Snail Shaman then will ask you to defeat an enormous beast before opening the gate. Continue walking to the right after you’ve talked to him to continue with your journey.

Try out your new magic spell as you go on your journey. You should move to the right and eliminate any enemies you encounter. You’ll eventually come across a wall. Go up, then to the left and finally downwards. You’ll finally find yourself on a floating platform and a dangerous spike pit after you move to the left.

Encounter Elder Baldur

Now, ascend to the platform and go to the left. There’s a Baldur and you can go either left or down. Then, turn left and get the Soul from the Soul Totem. Keep going to find Geo Caches and a Lifeblood Core. Go back down the path and move to the right. Follow the path to encounter Elder Baldur.

Elder Baldur can be a very tough opponent. It cannot be defeated by melee attacks, as it will curl into a ball. You must instead use spells from a distance to defeat it. Baldurs will occasionally spit orange blobs at you, but they are easy to dodge. 

The Baldur will also spawn smaller Baldurs, you can use your Nail to hit them in order to restore your soul. Vengeful Spirit must be used four times to defeat the Elder Baldur.

Don’t forget to grab the Soul Catcher charm by jumping to the left ledge as you pass Elder Baldur’s bedroom. After you’ve got it, return to the Snail Shaman and speak with him again. The Snail Shaman will then open the gate for you.

Defeating Gruz Mother

Return to Forgotten Crossroads Stag Station from the Ancestral Mounds. Then, take the left exit and descend towards the opening in the ground. Continue to descend until you reach the bottom. Then, turn right. Continue moving in this direction and you will eventually reach Gruz Mother’s boss room.

To defeat her, it’s best to repeatedly use your Nail and Vengeful Spirit. Be warned that after she falls, her body will shake, releasing dangerous creatures, Gruzzers. 

You should wait until they appear and then attack. That way you can defeat the female character easily.

Meet NPC, Sly

You can move forward once you defeat Gruz Mother. While you are moving down and to the left, be sure to eliminate any enemies you encounter. You’ll eventually find a small hut that you can enter. Sly is an NPC you will meet inside. Talk to him before you leave.

Now, go to your left and jump onto the platform in front of you. Break the wooden platform and go up. You can then come back to Stag Station. You can find Sly in his shop to the left side of Elderbug when you return to Dirtmouth.

Leave Forgotten Crossroads

You’re ready to leave Forgotten Crossroads. For this, go back to the area of hanging platforms just below the Grubfather’s Room. On the left wall, just below Grubfather’s bedroom, there is an opening. Follow that path and you’ll find yourself in Greenpath

Be ready for your next journey. This is it for this Hollow Knight Walkthrough.

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