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If you’re looking for help with How to Beat Lady Butterfly, you’re at the right place. Lady Butterfly is the first boss that you will face in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Follow the steps below to defeat her.

how to beat lady butterfly

How to Beat Lady Butterfly?

Lady Butterfly, an enemy boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is found in the Hirata Estate Memories area. Her name is derived from the special power she has to summon butterflies. 

These butterflies will attack you, but they’re not very powerful and won’t cause any damage. 

Sekiro Lady Butterfly in First Phase

Lady Butterfly is a quick and agile boss. To defeat her, you will need to be strategic. To defeat Lady Butterfly, you need to get as close as you can to her and then strike. You’ll be more likely to defeat her this way.

how to beat lady butterfly

Use Shuriken When She Jumps

You must keep attacking Lady Butterfly to defeat her, avoiding her from having a chance to fill her posture bar. Some of her special skills also allow her to jump for a while in the air. 

Use Shuriken to hit her when she jumps.

how to beat lady butterfly

Block Lady Butterfly’s Swing Kick

To defeat Lady Butterfly, you need to lower her health by attacking her continuously. Be careful when Lady Butterfly jumps up to do a powerful swing kick. This can do a lot of damage. 

Make sure you block her swing kicks to prevent any damage.

how to beat lady butterfly

Defeating her in the First Phase

You will need to strike her neck using your sword, believing it will kill her. But she comes back to life in the second phase. The first time you defeat her by slashing her neck with your sword. 

But she returns stronger in the second phase.

how to beat lady butterfly

Sekiro Lady Butterfly in Second Phase

In the second phase, she summons butterflies to attack you. These butterflies may not cause you too much damage, so don’t panic. Be ready to face Lady Butterfly again in the second phase.

how to beat lady butterfly

Aim Straight at Her Body

Continue attacking her with the sword and aiming straight at her body. Do this and you will defeat Lady Butterfly in the next phase.

how to beat lady butterfly

Sekiro How to Beat Lady Butterfly – Conclusion

In conclusion, Lady Butterfly Sekiro is one of the toughest bosses you will face in the game. But, if you use the above strategies, it’s easy to defeat her.

To defeat Lady Butterfly Sekiro, use your shuriken when she jumps, block her swing kicks, aim straight at her body, and attack with the sword. 

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