How to Find Finger Whistle: Sekiro Guide

If you are playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and struggling to find the Malcontent’s Ring then this guide is for you. This ring is essential to upgrade your Finger Whistle prosthetic tool. Here we have a guide to help you find it. Just be warned, you’ll need to backtrack and defeat a boss to get a Finger Whistle Sekiro. 

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How to Find Finger Whistle – Sekiro

In the game, after defeating the monster boss – Guardian Ape, you can get the Finger Whistle as a reward. However, if you want to upgrade it to a Mountain Echo, you’ll need to find a special item called Malcontent’s ring

Finger Whistle

Kill Guardian Ape For Finger Whistle

If you want to defeat the Guardian Ape and progress further in your quest, you should head to the forest and search for the secret cave. When you find him, you will need to use a special weapon called the Mortal Blade to take him down. 

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Be careful, though, as the guardian ape is a tough boss who will not go down without a fight. 

Finger Whistle

Kill Shichimen Warrior

Further, to upgrade your Finger Whistle Sekiro you need to head back to the hidden forest. And enter the cave once again. Inside, you will come across the fierce Shichimen Warrior

Finger Whistle

Get Malcontent’s ring

Take him down with your best attacks to claim Malcontent’s ring as your reward. This special ring will allow you to further upgrade your Finger Whistle Sekiro and become an even more powerful warrior in the game.

Finger Whistle


In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you can get a prosthetic tool called Finger Whistle, but it’s not easy to get. You need to kill the boss- the Guardian Ape to get it. And, if you want to upgrade your Finger Whistle prosthetic tool to a Mountain Echo, you will need to find a Malcontent ring. However, you can obtain it once you kill Shichimen Warrior.

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