How To Fix High Ping And Packet Loss in CSGO – Complete Guide

This guide will show you how to solve issues with high ping and packet loss in CSGO, by following some straightforward steps.

Fix High Ping And Packet Loss

To solve high ping and packet loss, it’s vital that your internet connection remains stable. You can assess latency, download speed, and upload speed by clicking the below button.

Check Your Latency

If your latency exceeds 100 milliseconds, there are adjustments you can make to improve your internet connection. Ethernet cables tend to be more reliable. So, restarting your modem or router may help you to fix it. 

Also, consider decreasing the number of devices connected to your network for optimal results.

Open The Task Manager

First, open the Task Manager and go to the Resource Monitor. For network activity monitoring, navigate to the Network tab and Processes with Network Activity. After some time you should see which processes are making use of your network connection.

Your network connection could be slow due to web browser, Steam, or download. Close any processes not necessary for operating system operations as soon as possible and view network utilization percentage figures to determine the cause.

Launch Steam

Now, launch Steam and navigate to its Library section. Right-click CSGO and choose Properties from the drop-down list.

Enable ‘Set Launch Options’

Under the General tab, there is an option called Set Launch Options that enables you to change launch options for each application.

Modify The Commands

The commands contained within the dialogue box are used by your game to ensure that your computer can connect to its server. If they’re ineffective, however, you can modify them accordingly.

Open The Command Prompt

Start off by opening the command prompt and entering ‘ping,’ this command will assess Latency (response time) and Packet Loss (lost data packets) after rebooting your device. Following that, run ‘ipconfig /flushdns,’ this command will reset your DNS resolver cache allowing for domain name resolution.

Reinstall CSGO

If your ping does not improve with these steps, reinstalling CSGO could be necessary. Its resources could accumulate over time and negatively affect its performance.

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