How to fix the steam_api64 error – Complete Guide

If you are looking for How to fix the steam_api64 error then you are at the right place.

Steps to fix the steam_api64 error

Here’s the simple solution to that pesky steam_api64 issue – follow the steps in the guide to fix it:

Step 1: 

Click the Button.

Step 2: 

Locate and click on the Download option on this page.

Step 3: 

Once downloaded, locate it at the bottom of your browser and click “Show in Folder.”

Step 4: 

Now it is time to extract that downloaded file.

Step 5: 

Simply open up the extracted folder. 

Step 6: 

Select and copy all files within that folder – don’t miss any!

Step 7:


Time to navigate to the game folder. Follow these steps: Navigating through C:/ drive, Program Files, Rockstar Games, and finally Grand Theft Auto V folders will bring you there. When there, paste to your copied Audio Folder from earlier.

Step 8: 

As soon as a message prompts you to “Replace the File in Destination,” accept its change with grace by selecting “Yes – Replace File in Destination”.

Congratulations! You’ve conquered the steam_api64 issue, and now you can run your game without an error.

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