How To Get Tan Joggers in GTA 5 Online

Elevate your GTA 5 game experience with a stylish pair of Tan Joggers in GTA 5. You will learn a step-by-step guide on how to obtain them.

Interaction Menu:

To begin with, head to a Clothing Store and access your Interaction Menu. From there, click on the SecuroServ option and register as a CEO. 

Once you have done that, exit the store and return to your Interaction Menu. This time, navigate to Hide Options and select the Custom option for All Jobs.

SecuroServ CEO:

Now, access your Interaction Menu once again and click on the SecuroServ CEO option. From there, select Management and then click on Style

This is where you can equip your character with the coveted Tan Joggers.

Enter a Job:

Next, enter a job and make any desired changes to the settings. Once you are satisfied, click on Confirm Settings and then Play. When you spawn back into the game, change your vehicle and exit the job.

Customize the outfit:

Furthermore, head back to the Clothing Store and navigate to the Top section. Kick off the menu. Now have your very own pair of Tan Joggers.

You can further customize your outfit by accessing your Interaction Menu once again and clicking on the Retire option under the SecuroServ category. This will allow you to change your jackets and shoes to match your Tan Joggers. Mix and match according to your taste and save your outfit under any name you choose.

And that’s it! You have successfully got a stylish pair of Tan Joggers in GTA 5. 

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