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Our beloved war game, Imperator Rome, has been a gem in our gaming collections for over ten years now. But truth be told, some parts of the game could do with a bit of a spruce up. Thankfully, there’s a secret trick up our sleeves – the game console.

This little tool can transform your game entirely, offering limitless customizations and exciting new features. Imagine this – you can demolish mercenaries, ignite civil wars, collect items, and much more.

How to Enable Imperator Rome Cheats?

Well, it’s tucked away in the game’s debug mode, which isn’t switched on as standard. So we’ll have to do it ourselves. Here’s how:

First, boot up your Steam app, find our good old friend, Imperator Rome, and give it a right click. From the menu that pops up, pick ‘properties’.

Next, look for ‘Set Launch Options’ and, within that, jot down “-debug_mode”.

Now, it’s time for a new game shortcut. Hunt down the game file, right-click on it, choose ‘properties’ and then type “-debug_mode” right at the end of the target field. Just remember to leave a space before it.

However, there is a little hiccup to keep in mind. The debug mode in Imperator Rome means no more achievements, and you won’t be able to use Imperator Rome console commands in Ironman games or multiplayer mode.

Launch Imperator Rome with your brand-new shortcut and tap the ` or ~ key, nestled just under the Esc key, to unveil the console. If you have any issues with that, or if your keyboard isn’t the standard US layout, give one of these combinations a whirl:

Shift+2, Shift+3, ALT+2+1, §, ^, °, ²

Imperator Rome

Once the Imperator Rome console springs to life, simply type in your command and press ENTER to set it in motion.

Imperator Rome Cheats

3dstats3dstats3dstats is a toggle console command which is used to display or hide the Information regarding FPS.
aeae [amount]You can increases the expansions of your country by using this cheat code. You have to specify the amount in the syntax.
aiai [country tag]The ai command helps you to switch on or off the Artificial intelligence in the game.
aistatsaistatsThe aistats command is used to log AI statistics to the ai.log file.
aiviewaiviewThis command is used to enable or disable the AI view.
amnesiaamnesia [country tag]The amnesia console command helps you to find out the tag of a country.
annexannex [country tag]This console command annexes the specific country to yours.
armyarmy [amount] [province id]You can adds any amount of units in selected province. You have to specify the province and amount in the syntax.
army_loyaltyarmy_loyalty [province id] [loyalty amount]This console command is used to set the army loyalty of a particular province to the specified amount.
cashcash [amount]The cash command is used to add or remove the amount of cash or gold within the game.
centralizationcentralization [percentage]You can set the centralization to your desired amount by giving the percentage in the syntax.
civil_warcivil_war [country tag]You can start a civil war with any country using this command. You have to specify the country tag in command syntax.
clearclearThe clear console command is used to clean up the console by deleting all messages.
clear_aistatsclear_aistatsThis command will clear all Ai statistics.
coat_of_armscoat_of_arms [country tag]This console command will print the script for the country’s coat of arms/flag to games.log.
compoundnodeeditorcompoundnodeeditorThe compoundnodeeditor command is used to open the Compound Node Editor/Node Graph tool.
conquerconquer [province id]You can conquer any particular province with the help of this command. You have to specify the province id in syntax.
controlcontrol [province id / country tag]The control command provides you the of a specified province.
crashcrashThis console command will result in crashing the client.
debug_modedebug_modeThis is a toggle mode. When the debug mode in on, it shows the information about provinces.
declare_wardeclare_war [country tag] [country tag]You can start a war between two particular countries by running this console command. You have to specify both countries tag in the syntax.
delay_diplodelay_diploThis command will enable or disable the delay response of the Ai.
destroy_mercenariesdestroy_mercenariesIf you want to take down all the mercenaries in the game in a very quick instant, then you can use this command.
dumpdatatypesdumpdatatypesThe dumpdatatypes command helps you to dump all the data types.
to: User.AIAssistant<im_sep>

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