Injustice 2: Characters Ranked (Tier List)

The Injustice 2 game, which made its debut in 2017, centers around the legendary superheroes and villainous characters of the DC universe. As a fighting video game, it features a vast collection of the leading DC characters for players to choose from. This allows them to customize their favorite characters and equipment, offering a unique gaming experience.

The game is designed for one-on-one battles where players must defeat their opponents. Each character has distinct fighting skills and special moves, activated by various button combinations. As the player attacks their opponents, they will aim to diminish their health points to win the battle. Players also have access to defensive and dodging skills to prevent their opponents from attacking them.

Winning battles earns experience points and rewards that can be used to enhance characters and equipment. Injustice 2 also offers online gameplay, enabling players to compete against their friends in leagues. Winning battles against enemies and their bosses reward players with new gears and in-game currency.

Injustice 2 game is available for Xbox, PlayStation, Windows PC, and mobile phones. Players can download the game for free from Google Play Store and the App Store.

Characters in the game are divided into six groups: S, A, B, C, D, and F. Batman and Darkseid lead group S, highly recommended by seasoned players. Black Adam and Cyborg are the most prominent characters in group A, while Robin and Firestorm lead group B. Group C includes Green Arrow and Superman, who require more skill to handle. Group D contains Catwoman and Wonder Woman, and group F includes Black Canary and Cheetah, who are considered the least important.

Tier S

The FlashCaptain Cold

Tier A

Black AdamCyborg
Harley QuinnDr. Fate

Tier B

Gorilla GroddThe Joker
Blue BeetlePoison Ivy

Tier C

Green ArrowSuperman
AquamanSwamp Thing
Green LaternBane

Tier D

CatwomanWonder Woman

Tier F

Black CanaryCheetah


He is a formidable male character in the popular game Injustice 2, renowned for his muscular build and devastating strikes. One of his most impressive abilities is his capability to regenerate health during battles. In addition, Darkseid can summon Parademons to aid him in combat, with their skills and strength dependent on Darkseid’s stats percentage. These summoned allies will fight alongside you, launching attacks on your opponents.

The most iconic Darkseid move is his Omega beam. It can send his enemies flying through the air before he catches them and finishes them off. With such powerful abilities at his disposal, it’s no wonder Darkseid is a fan favorite among InJustice players.


The main protagonist of the game is a highly-skilled, deadly character to have. His agility and speed enable him to move quickly toward his opponents, striking them with powerful kicks before returning back with his hook.

Batman is also a gadget expert and can deal massive damage to his opponents by placing smoke bombs and utilizing his arsenal of weapons. He is infamous for throwing his enemies into the air with his gadgets, then finishing them off with precision strikes.


The cousin of the legendary superhero Kal-El, aka Superman, is a force to be reckoned with. Her combat style is unpredictable, leaving her opponents guessing her next move. Her fighting ability is equal to that of Superman himself, and her excellent range of attacks can deal massive damage to her opponents.

One of Supergirl’s most potent abilities is her laser firing skill, which gives her a significant advantage in combat. With her incredible strength and ability to fly, she can take on enemies from any angle and quickly turn the tide of the battle in her favor. It’s no wonder Supergirl is considered an invaluable addition to any team in the game.

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