Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List 2023

Dive into the expansive world of Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy, a game from the Jade Dynasty franchise where the sky isn’t just the limit – it’s your playground. Fancy taking a ride on a sword? You can do that. Feel like soaring through the skies and exploring uncharted territories? Go right ahead! Meeting new characters and discovering new places are all part of the fun in this open-world game.

And let’s talk about the combat – it’s not your usual hack-and-slash. Nope, this is a turn-based system, where every move matters, and strategy is king.

Now, let’s chat about the cast of characters. In the prestigious SS tier, you’ve got the formidable Lupin and the unstoppable Jadeon. These guys are top-notch, real heavy hitters in the game.

Close on their heels in the S tier, you’ve got the fierce Incense and the robust Vim. They’re not quite SS-tier material, but they’re a force to reckon with nonetheless.

And then, cruising comfortably in the A tier, you’ve got the versatile Skysong and the steadfast Southern Border. They might not be the superstars of the game, but they’ve got their own strengths that could come in handy.

So there you have it, folks! Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy is a game full of wonder, strategy, and a fantastic cast of characters.

Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tiers

SS Tier

jade dynasty

S Tier


A Tier

Southern BorderA

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