Jagged Alliance 3: An Honest Review

Jagged Alliance 3 has made its mark, once again thrusting us into the tactical world of RPGs. This time, developed by the Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, it’s clear that their intention was to rejuvenate a classic series, and for the most part, they’ve achieved it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the game, covering every corner of your curiosity.

Jagged Alliance 3: Story & Background

Jagged Alliance 3 places you in the shoes of a mercenary group leader, commissioned by the president’s daughter of Grand Chien. The mission? Save her kidnapped father from the clutches of the rebel army, the Legion, and their enigmatic leader, the Major.

The rich backdrop of diamond mines adds another layer of complexity, pleasing corporate sponsors should you liberate these precious resources.

Gameplay Mechanics

Unlike the XCOM-style mission-based campaigns some might expect, Jagged Alliance 3 leans more towards a Divinity: Original Sin 2 or Fallout: Tactics gameplay. The turn-based battles are just the tip of the iceberg. The game allows ample exploration, revealing secrets, side quests, and a plethora of tactical strategies.

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From changing stances and targeting specific body parts to exploiting environmental advantages, the game offers a buffet of tactics. Your mercs can specialize in various roles, from frontline combat to support and exploration.

But it’s not all about combat. The game offers an immersive real-time exploration mode where strategy plays a pivotal role. Stealth, for instance, allows for unsuspecting takedowns of isolated targets, and diplomatic tactics might even convince half of the enemy force to abandon their mission.

However, the lack of a pause button can sometimes lead to chaos, making it difficult to execute strategies before getting detected.

Management & Economics

Downtime management is just as crucial as combat. Between battles, you’ll find yourself repairing weapons, nursing injuries, and training local militias. The game also introduces an economic angle with mercenary contracts, adding time pressure to the strategic layer.

Unlocking passive income from diamond mines becomes a saving grace for many players.

UI & Writing

While Jagged Alliance 3 is an intricate piece of art, it does have its rough edges. The game’s user interface, designed to mimic 1990s internet menus, can be confusing. Even essential features like the character creator are hidden behind non-intuitive browser tabs.

The narrative, on the other hand, can be polarizing. On one side, it tackles serious geopolitical issues, like mercenary interventions in mineral-rich nations.

Yet, at times, it’s overshadowed by the quirky humor and the eccentric characters reminiscent of Haemimont’s Tropico series. These quirks might be endearing to some, but over time, they can become repetitive.

Comparison & Verdict

For fans of the series or even newcomers, Jagged Alliance 3 promises an immersive experience. Drawing inspiration from Sir-Tech’s 1999 gem Jagged Alliance 2, the game captures the essence of the original while introducing modern elements.

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The quirky characters, combined with a deep tactical layer and strategic management, make the game a worthy successor in the series. Players will find that each playthrough can feel distinct, given the 36 unique mercenaries available.


For those itching to dive into this new world, Jagged Alliance 3 is now available on Windows PCs. Early reviews from platforms like Reddit, Steam, and Metacritic suggest that the game has been well-received. Enthusiastic modders have already started creating mods to enhance the gameplay.

Furthermore, for those interested in getting an edge, there are hints of cheat engine usage and cheats floating around, though always exercise caution with third-party tools.

In conclusion, Jagged Alliance 3 is a testament to how classic games can be revamped for modern times.

Whether you’re in it for the strategy, the story, or just the hilarious character interactions, this game promises hours of entertainment. But remember, always keep an ear out for Ice Williams and his take on “popping caps”!

Can I customize my mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3?

Yes, Jagged Alliance 3 offers a diverse roster of 36 unique mercenaries that you can customize to make them fully yours. Each mercenary has their own set of skills and abilities, allowing you to tailor your team to your preferred style.

Does Jagged Alliance 3 has multiple difficulty levels?

Yes, in Jagged Alliance 3, you can choose a difficulty level to cater to your skill levels and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned RPG Guru looking for a challenging game time or a “Noob”, you can select a difficulty level for yourself.

Does Jagged Alliance 3 have multiplayer mode?

No, unfortunately Jagged Alliance 3 focuses on a single-player experience more than a multiplayer mode. The game is designed with a sense of storytelling, allowing you to lead your mercenary group. But it’d be sick to have a mercenary multiplayers.

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