Largest Cruise Ship of 2023: Icon of the Seas

Imagine a floating city. No, scratch that. Picture a floating metropolis. A colossal behemoth of a cruise ship that, if stood upright, would be taller than the Eiffel Tower. If you think this sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi novel, think again.

Welcome to Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas, the soon-to-be reigning monarch of the high seas It is set to come out and start operations by the start of 2024.

A quick comparison with history’s most famous ship might help to grasp the sheer scale of this marine leviathan. Remember the Titanic? Is a ship so grand it was dubbed “unsinkable”? The Icon is five times larger. That’s right, it dwarfs the Titanic with the same ease a whale would a minnow.

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It’s the kind of ship that could probably induce a coma in a Victorian child from sheer awe.

Just recently, the Icon of the Seas successfully passed its first sea trials, all set to take over the world’s oceans as a cruise ship. Spanning a staggering twenty decks, it houses over 40 venues for the food and wine connoisseur. For the sports enthusiast, there’s an ice rink, while for those after tranquility, an open-air ‘Central Park’ complete with real foliage awaits.

Add to that a 55-foot waterfall and nine whirlpools, and you have a maritime playground unlike any other.

Detractors, of course, exist. The ship has been labeled a “dystopian monstrosity,” with the more imaginatively critical voices suggesting that orcas might join in the lament if only they could tweet. But the numbers tell a different story.

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The release of tickets for the Icon in October led to Royal Caribbean’s largest-ever booking day. The starting price of $1,537 did not deter eager cruisers, all 5,610 passenger spots for the cruise ship’s inaugural January 2024 voyage from Miami to the Caribbean got booked in no time.

Opportunities remain, however, for those who wish to enjoy seven-night trips later in the year, with the added luxury of a suite for those willing to drop ~$10,864 per person.

This marine colossus is symbolic of a post-pandemic resurgence in the cruise industry, which after suffering a 15-month shutdown, is coming back bigger and bolder. According to the Cruise Line International Association, 36 million people are expected to holiday on the high seas next year, a substantial increase from the 29.7 million recorded in 2019.

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In conclusion, the Icon of the Seas isn’t just a ship; it’s a statement.

A floating city that redefines the boundaries of maritime luxury, adventure, and excitement. As it embarks on its inaugural voyage in 2024, this behemoth is all set to transform sea travel into an unparalleled experience. Critics may huff and puff, but the future of cruising is here, and it’s larger than life.

Or, in this case, larger than the Eiffel Tower.


Q1. What is the world’s largest cruise ship?

A1. The one we’re talking about in this article is the largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas.

Q2. What is the largest cruise ship in the world 2023?

A2. “Icon of the Seas,” the world’s largest cruise ship, is set to debut in January. The RMS Titanic was once considered the largest ship in the world before it met its demise in the Atlantic Ocean.

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