Lego Lord of The Rings Cheat Codes

In Lego Lord of The Rings, you embark on an incredible journey through the familiar lands of Middle-earth, only this time, they’re made entirely of colorful and captivating LEGO bricks.

From the quaint Shire to the ominous Mordor, every corner of this iconic world has been carefully recreated in LEGO form.

As the Lego Lord of The Rings story unfolds, you and your band of heroes – The Fellowship – traverse through the scenic landscapes, reliving the epic tale told in the “The Fellowship of the Ring” and “The Two Towers”. This interactive game offers you a wealth of experience from engaging dialogues, intriguing quests, and extensive world exploration to a host of memorable characters.

And what’s more, Lego Lord of The Rings comes packed with a variety of special codes that you can use to unlock and enhance your gaming experience. Below is a simple guide for you to refer to as you explore Middle-earth in LEGO form.

Lego Lord of The Rings

Lego Lord of The Rings Cheats

1F5YH2Get Studs x2
2MCRDNGet Mithril Hearts
5LV6EBUnlock Radagast the Brown
73HJP6Unlock Hama
7B4VWHUnlock Galadriel
A24TVJGet Minikit Chest Finder
A2LU58Get Fast Build
A9FB4QUnlock Elrond (2nd Age)
AVJII1Unlock Gaming
B72D7EGet Mithril Brick Finder
BU95CBUnlock Grima Wormtongue
C19F3AUnlock Madril
C2A58DUnlock Lothlorien Elf
C7FJ7BGet Attract Studs
D49TXYGet Poo Studs
EY4K32Get Quest Finder
F3H14HGet Boss Disguises
F4M7FCUnlock Mouth of Sauron
GD35HCGet 8-Bit Music
H5L6N6Get Regenerate Hearts
HTYADUUnlock Boromir (Captain)
IH7E58Unlock King of the Dead
J4337VUnlock Bilbo Baggins
LG5GI7Unlock Gondor Ranger
LYQU1FUnlock Ringwraith White
MX26RJGet Disguises
PJB6MVUnlock Shagrat
PR3V4KGet Character Studs
QL28WBUnlock Lurtz (Newborn)
R7XKDHUnlock Easterling
RJV4KBUnlock Denethor
T1JM4RGet Action Assist
U47AOGUnlock Eomer
UE5Z7HUnlock Berserker
WS68P2Get Fall Rescue

Now, with these codes in hand, you are ready to relive the epic tales of Middle-earth, one LEGO brick at a time.

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