Limbus Company Unleashed: A Riveting Game Review Extravaganza

Today, we’re reviewing Limbus Company, a popular RPG game that many streamers and gamers can’t stop talking about since its release this month.

And if you’re also a fan of Strategy and RPG games, you’re in for a treat.

We are providing you with a detailed review of Limbus Company. We’re going deep into all the aspects that a gamer (that’s you) would wanna know about a game. Such as its gameplay, is the story good? are graphics next level? and sounds, etc.

So, even if you’re known as a Strategy games master or you’re a newbie (no offense) and are new to the game, this article will definitely tell you more about this addictive piece of entertainment.

Let’s dive in!


Limbus Company is a single-player adventure game developed by Isolated Games and published by Merge Games.

It was released on PC and consoles in 2023. In the game, players take on the role of an employee of the titular of the Company, a mysterious corporation that specializes in “collecting and extracting souls.”

As players navigate through the game’s atmospheric levels, they will encounter puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover, all while attempting to unravel the true nature of the company they work for.

limbus company

Limbus Company Gameplay:

Company’s gameplay can be best described as a combination of exploration and puzzle-solving. The game takes place across a series of interconnected levels, each with its own distinct themes and challenges.

Players are given the freedom to explore each level at their own pace, uncovering clues and solving puzzles as they progress. The puzzles themselves range from simple challenges that can be solved with basic logic, to more complex challenges that require a bit more trial and error.

Throughout the game, players will also encounter various obstacles and hazards, which they must navigate around or overcome.


Limbus Company’s story is shrouded in mystery and ambiguity, which is fitting given the game’s overall tone and aesthetic.

As players progress through the game, they will uncover scraps of information and clues that slowly piece together the larger narrative. Without giving too much away, the game’s story revolves around the player’s attempts to uncover the true nature of the Limbus Company and the dark forces that may be manipulating it.

While the story can be a bit confusing at times, it’s nonetheless intriguing and engaging, and helps to keep players invested in the game’s overall experience.

Limbus Company Graphics:

Limbus Company’s visuals are one of its standout features. The game’s levels are beautifully designed, with intricate details and moody lighting that help to create a tense and eerie atmosphere.

Each level has its own distinct aesthetic, ranging from a sterile corporate office to a creepy abandoned hospital. The game’s character designs are also well-done, with a mix of realistic and stylized elements that help to convey the game’s overall tone.


Limbus Company’s sound design is equally impressive. The game’s soundtrack features a mix of ambient tracks and haunting melodies, all of which help to reinforce the game’s overall atmosphere.

The sound effects are also well-done, with a mix of realistic and exaggerated sounds that help to create a sense of immersion.

Is Limbus Company replayable?

While Limbus Company’s story and puzzles are largely scripted, there are still multiple paths and hidden secrets to uncover throughout the game.

As such, players may find themselves wanting to replay the game in order to discover everything that it has to offer. That being said, the game’s overall length and pacing may make it less appealing for players who prefer more replayability in their games.


Overall, Limbus Company is an engaging and atmospheric adventure game that’s sure to appeal to fans of puzzle-solving and exploration. The aesthetic visuals and sound design of Limbus Company are unparallel and the story is intriguing enough to keep you at the edge of your seat.

While the game surely progresses through some of the parts in a slow manner, those who enjoy a more deep and intriguing approach to their gaming experience will likely find Limbus Company to be on their good games list.

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