Lost City OSRS – RuneScape Guide

If you’re looking for help with the Lost City OSRS guide, you’re at the right place. Join the Lost City OSRS quest to uncover the truth about a group of adventurers camping in Lumbridge Swamp. They claim they are searching for the Lost City. Find out the truth about their claims and enter the Zanaris, the magical city

Follow these steps to get help with the OSRS Lost City guide. Complete the Lost City OSRS quest and receive the rewards.

If you are a passionate player of the popular game, RuneScape known as OSRS, and you complete the Lost City OSRS quest then you’ll be rewarded with great rewards, including access to Zanaris, the ability to make cosmic runes, and more.

The Lost City OSRS Guide

You will need the Dramen staff to get into Zanaris. After completing the Lost City OSRS quest you will be transported to Zanaris.

The Search for Zanaris

Talk to the Warrior. Ask him why you are here. He might tell you that he’s on a quest for the magical city of Zanaris. Furthermore, ask him how we would get there, and he will tell you that we have to find the leprechaun first.

Kill the Zombies and get the Bronze Axe

Visit Entrana Island to obtain a bronze axe. To get there, first, go to Port Sarim. Then, take a boat to reach the island. Once you have reached the island, head west to the dungeon and climb down the ladder to enter. You will encounter two zombies which you need to defeat in order to obtain the bronze axe.

Lost City OSRS

Lost City OSRS Guide – Crafting a Dramen Staff

Go towards the south to find the Dramen tree. However, be aware that a spirit within the tree will reveal itself to you if you try to cut it. Before you can move on, you’ll need to kill the spirit first. Chop the Dramen tree branches, and then use your knife to make a Dramen staff.

Lost City OSRS

Small Shed near the Lumbridge Swamp

Go back to Lumbridge, and find the building near the swamp. Once you’re there, make sure you bring the Dramen staff with you. 

Lost City OSRS

Once you have entered the shed, you will immediately be teleported into the city of Zanaris. Furthermore, you will be able to complete the quest without speaking to any NPC. Moreover, you’ve successfully completed the Lost City OSRS quest.

Lost City OSRS

Rewards for Completing Lost City OSRS Quest

Congratulations on completing the Lost City OSRS quest. Once you complete the quest, you’ll gain access to Zanaris, and you’ll also get some other rewards. So, you’ll be able to make cosmic runes and purchase dragon longswords and daggers. Plus, you’ll get three quest points.

Lost City Guide OSRS – Conclusion

In conclusion, the Lost City OSRS quest is an exciting and rewarding adventure that leads you to the magical city of Zanaris. By following this Lost City OSRS guide, you have successfully completed the quest, gained access to Zanaris, and unlocked the ability to make cosmic runes, and more rewards. 

Now you are one step closer to mastering RuneScape. Continue your OSRS journey and remember to challenge yourself and enjoy the many quests that await. Happy questing!

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