Madden 23 Review: The NFL Masterpiece?

One popular story about the genesis of Madden NFL suggests that when Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins approached John Madden about endorsing EA’s new football simulation. The NFL coach and television commentator had a single requirement. The game had to authentically represent 11v11 gameplay. Hawkins agreed, and thus, one of gaming’s most iconic franchises was born. This Madden 23 Review will tell you all about it.

Madden NFL 23 aims to return the series to its humble beginnings. They are featuring John Madden on the cover for the first time in over two decades. And commencing with an “NFL Legacy Game” that serves as a trip down memory lane.

This nostalgic introduction showcases legendary players like Brett Favre and Randy Moss and even recreates the original 1970s Oakland Coliseum.

The remainder of the game is also a tribute to Madden.

madden 23 review

Following two lackluster years, Madden 23 offers a purposefully streamlined experience, concentrating its efforts on refining on-field gameplay. While the visuals haven’t advanced significantly, enhancements to animations, player movement, and defensive AI render the game more intricate, polished, and enjoyable than its predecessor.

It may not be akin to the Bengals’ meteoric rise from obscurity to the Super Bowl. But Madden 23 represents a commendable rebuilding effort for the franchise, despite continuing to trail other sports simulations in certain aspects.

If you don’t know when is Madden 23 coming out, Madden 23 release date was August 16, 2022.

Madden 23 Review – Gameplay

Let’s cut to the chase. Madden’s new FieldSENSE feature significantly elevates the game experience, making it the best in the series by a considerable margin. Madden 23 gameplay reminds you of an actual game.

Numerous enhancements contribute to this improvement, with the hit stick upgrade being a standout. It allows players to deliver hits mid-air, authentically replicating real-life gameplay and adding weight to pile-driving a ball carrier.

madden 23 reviewmadden 23 review

Boundary battles are revitalized, offering players more options for cutting. Button prompts now enable hops or foot fire to cut off the snap, while defensive back control encompasses pressing directions. Defenders also gain the ability to evade or explode blocks using the sticks.

Naturally, Madden continues to refine the passing game. Players now have greater control over ball placement, with a target reticle for pass prediction and the incorporation of power and accuracy.

This is particularly relevant given the enhanced defensive capabilities, which, despite occasional flaws in interception-attempt logic and over-the-top athleticism, provide a real challenge for players. The heightened difficulty may initially provoke some negative reactions, but it ultimately encourages adaptation and improvement.

While these major updates dominate, some familiar Madden issues occasionally resurface, such as offensive linemen neglecting to block or A.I. defenders taking odd angles.

Veteran players face a significant learning curve, particularly if they opt for the new passing mechanics. However, these innovations greatly enrich the experience. Combined with other refinements, this year’s gameplay feels genuinely next-gen and closely resembles real football, rather than a rigid video game with predetermined animations.

Madden 23 PC version was initially released with some of these features but got an update recently.

Madden 23 Review – Graphics

First and foremost, this year’s Madden pays a heartfelt tribute to the legendary John Madden in its opening sequence. This incredible display masterfully combines real-life and graphical moments, creating a memorable experience for viewers.

Building on last year’s Gameday Atmosphere, there’s a clear effort to incorporate even more innovative camera angles and broadcast techniques into pre and postgame activities, enhancing the uniqueness of each stadium experience. Madden’s visual improvements continue to impress, featuring new body types, realistic hair, natural-looking towels, and subtle details like untucked shirts. Even the story-based cutscenes appear less robotic, thanks to enhanced visuals and motion capture.

madden 23 review

The game’s soundtrack offers less irritation than in previous editions, and the commentary remains strong. Additionally, the new player-lock camera angles in modes like Face of the Franchise enhance both gameplay and presentation, improving the solo experience when focusing on a single player.

While Madden’s faithful stadium recreations were already impressive, the game pushes the envelope by varying the experience and exploring the capabilities of its engines, further immersing players this year. The user experience also receives praise for its streamlined menus across all modes, reducing confusion and time spent navigating.

In summary, Madden’s latest installment showcases remarkable visual enhancements, varied experiences, and user-friendly improvements, making it a standout entry in the series.

New Feature: Ultimate Team, Face of the Franchise

Madden’s latest addition, “Face of the Franchise: The League,” is a fresh take on the single-player experience. Unlike last year’s draft-based mode, the new mode places you as a free agent already in the game, able to sign with any team. The model is focused more on on-field progression, with cutscenes being a secondary aspect. The refreshing take on the mode allows players to progress their careers beyond the draft and work towards awards, improvements, and better contracts. This narrative decision allows players to make more realistic choices and get the most out of their experience.

madden 23 review

The franchise mode has also seen significant improvements in areas frequently requested by fans. Player motivations have been implemented to add a more RPG-like feel to the mode. New player tags, such as “Day 1 Starter,” have been introduced to add more depth to the game. The free agency now takes place in three stages, with teams only able to offer five players, preventing teams with more cap space from hogging all the top players. Madden 23 promises better trade, free agent, and draft logic, making the game more realistic than ever.

Franchise mode has been simplified with cleaner menus and better navigation. Madden’s new Field Pass idea also allows for easier progression and rewards. MUT Champions, formerly known as Weekend League, can now be played all week, with 25 matches available before a weekly reset. Madden has also made a few smaller changes outside the major modes, including the addition of The Yard, online games, and arcade-based offerings.

Overall, Madden 23 has catered to a variety of players with different game modes, levels of difficulty, and styles of play. The game offers something for everyone, with improvements that have made it a much more enjoyable experience than before.

Madden 23 Review – Verdict

Madden 23’s tagline, “Hit Everything,” may miss the mark, but “Back to Basics” hits a sweet spot. The game’s upgraded passing mechanics and improved A.I. skills create a more realistic and challenging playing field.

While the game modes show only slight improvements. Madden 23 still manages to please players, With no overemphasis on an unwanted arcade mode.

Despite the occasional defensive back-style lapse, Madden 23 is the best version yet. And well worth a try for both beginners and seasoned players. Looking ahead to the next edition is exciting, as Madden 23 sets the stage for future improvements.

If you’re wondering,  Madden 23 PS4 version is also out. You can also play Madden 23 PS5 version on steam. At this time Madden 23 Nintendo Switch is not available.

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