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Mario Tennis Aces is a tennis game set in the world of Mario, released in 2018. It’s the most loved and highly rated game in the Mario tennis game series, enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Mario Tennis Aces features all your favorite characters from the Mario universe, and it also introduces some fresh faces for the first time. You get to choose your favorite character to play tennis matches against others.

The game serves up strategic tennis matches where you have to outsmart your opponent using different techniques and tactics. You can pick your tennis racket before every match and even swap it out for another one during the game. Your characters have special attack shots. Hit the ball with one of these power shots, and you could break your opponent’s racket, making you the winner of the match.

Want to team up with a friend? Start a doubles match! Mario Tennis Aces also lets you play online tournaments. Win these, and you can unlock new players and outfits. Simply put, Mario Tennis Aces is the best Mario tennis game out there.

Mario Tennis Aces Tier list

In the S group, the standout characters are Yoshi and Waluigi. Yoshi is quick on his feet, while Waluigi offers great defense and can cover a large area. Leading the A group are Mario and Luigi, both well-rounded characters. In the B group, the notable characters are Wario and Spike, known for their speedy shots.

Rosalina and Donkey Kong top the C group as decent heroes. And in the D group, we have Toad and Toadette, who aren’t usually the players’ top picks.

Tier S

Mario Tennis Aces
Bowser Jr.DefensiveS

Tier A

MarioAll AroundA
DaisyAll AroundA
LuigiAll AroundA
Koopa TroopaSpeedyA

Tier B


Tier C

Donkey KongPowerfulC

Tier D

Chain ChompPowerfulD

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