Mastering Brawlhalla: 5 Expert Tips to Level Up Your Game

This handy guide will show you how to enhance your skills in the Brawlhalla game. Simply follow its step-by-step instructions and level up your game.


Let’s first address dodging. On offense, it’s essential to add in some dodge reads now and then – for instance if you land a sight neutral light attack you may notice your opponents tending to dodge downward. 

As the game goes on, they might continue doing this so to remain ahead and keep opponents guessing, switch up your dodging direction midway to keep them guessing and prevents them from predicting your moves. Just be wary not to dodge recklessly as that could cost lives in the game.


Basic Brawlhalla Attack Combinations

As for our second tip: familiarize yourself with the basic attack combinations of different weapons. Let’s use the sword as an example: its basic string combination will likely include down light side air attack; when using orb, this string pattern often is sidelight followed by side air attack. Being aware of such combinations will enable you to wield them more effectively.


Startup Animations of Popular Attacks

On to point three, Knowledge is power. Learning the startup animations of popular attacks for each legendary, and weapon will allow you to easily identify hitboxes and punish opponents when they use these signature moves in the game

Move Faster

The fourth tip involves speed. Learning how to move quickly gives you an advantage in any game; your opponents will struggle more to hit you effectively and you have better odds at countering their attacks with quick reflexes that make all the difference.

Never Stop Learning

Final step? Never stop learning. Whether or not you win or lose a match, always take something away from it that can help enhance your skills in Brawlhalla. Learning from experiences is key to progress. 

Remember if others can accomplish something challenging so can you. Practice, determination, and turning mistakes into lessons learned will surely advance your skills in Brawlhalla if you follow these five steps. 

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