Mega Man X DiVE Weapons New Tier List

Mega Man X DiVE, an action-packed shooting game, is tailor-made for mobile devices. Players step into the shoes of an iconic hero, wielding various weapons to combat the irregular data. The game provides a customizable button layout tailored to your preferences. You can download it for free from the Google Play store.

The weaponry in Mega Man X DiVE is classified into tiers, each representing its potency in the game. Sniper Buster and Purgatory Machine Gun hold the top positions in the S tier as the most potent ranged weapons, while Crimson Scythe and Doom Blade reign supreme as the deadliest melee weapons. Weapons in the S tier inflict the highest damage on adversaries.

In the A tier, Howling Storm, Air Buster, Berserker GreatSword, and Twin Fangs are the leading ranged weapons, while the most effective melee weapons are not as damaging as their S tier counterparts.

Tier B hosts the Ion Rifle and Gatling Gun as ranged weapons, while Beam Rapier and Elite Lance serve as average-performing melee weapons.

Finally, the C tier includes ranged weapons such as the Energy Cannon and Wind Pressure Buster, and the Standard Saber serves as a melee weapon. These weapons are considered among the least effective in the game. Let’s dive into this new Mega Man X DiVE tier list.

Mega Man X DiVE Weapons Tier List

Tier S+

Mega Man X DiVE


Sniper Buster
Purgatory Machine Gun
Gravitational Pulse
Biochemical Buster
Electric Current Spray Gun


Crimson Scythe
Doom Blade
Demon Blade Muramasa

Tier A+


Howling Storm
Air Buster
Aqua Buster
Destructive Laser
Shooting Dragon
Beam Machine Gun
Jet Vortex Buster
Boomerang Blade
Falcon Ballista
Heart of Gold
Savage Tusk of Thunder
Atomic Disintegration
Essence of the Abyss
Napalm’s Head
Turbo Cannon
Cannon God
Freezing Dominator
Extraordinary Mortar
Explosive Blower
Pyro Executioner
Glittering Spark


Bereserker Great Sword
Twin Fangs
Ancient Relic

Tier B+


Ion Rifle
Gatling Gun
Drill Head Cannon
Arrow Buster
Sonic Buster
Shadow Blade Buster
ROG – Hunter Buster
Snowy Spray Gun
High-speed Rifle
Crushing Spray Gun
Light Wave Cannon
Heavy Blaster


Beam Rapier
Elite Lance
Triangular Saber
Festive Specialty

Tier C+


Energy Cannon
Wind Pressure Buster
Burning Spray Gun
Laser Rifle
Gas Emitter
Compressed Spray Gun
X Buster
Triangle Gun
Military Buster


Standard Saber

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