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Mercurial Story


Mercurial Story is a free physics platformer game. Mercurial is the name and physics in the game. In this puzzling world of upside-down platforms, wacky gravity, and spikey pits you’ll be forced to test your skills, your luck, and your wits against the physics of the game itself. In this world, everything is changing all of the time and you can’t be too sure of what side is up, what side is down, and who you even are as you run, jump, dodge, and flip the switches needed to fix the very gravity itself.

Mercurial Story is a puzzle platform game where very laws of gravity themselves are always suspect and up for interrogation. Each level features bottomless pits, never-ending skies, and spikes everywhere that you’ll have to successfully navigate if you want to make it to the end of the game. This game also tells a story so if you wanna see how it all turns out for your hero and fits together in the end then you’re gonna have to sit down, sharpen your skills, and grit your teeth as you run, jump, dodge, and flip the switch on the very laws of nature themself! Welcome to Mercurial Story, it’s a fun game: we hope you survive the experience.


On your desktop computer please use the arrow keys, and the space bar to run and jump. You can also interact with in-game elements to flip switches that will change the gravity of the game.


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