Metro Last Light | Is it Worth Playing in 2023?

Metro Last Light, set in the eerie and desolate ruins of Moscow, is a tale about the flicker of hope that still survives in a world torn apart by nuclear missiles twenty years ago. The city’s survivors, their lives now confined within the harsh environment of the Metro Last Light, hold onto this hope, praying that humanity has finally learned from its mistakes.

The Expectation of Intimacy with Metro 2033

Unlike many sequels, Metro Last Light relies on players having a solid understanding of its predecessor, Metro 2033. The story continues seamlessly, placing players back in the role of Artyom, now recognized as a Ranger of the Order. Throughout the narrative, players are thrust into encounters with various groups and characters, although these often lack fresh context.

A New Narrative Adventure from 4A Games

Unlike the first title which drew inspiration from Dmitri Glukhovsky’s novel Metro 2033, the narrative of Metro Last Light is an original creation by 4A Games. The game captures the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world perfectly, as did its predecessor. But there’s a shift in Artyom’s journey that feels more like a simple adventure than a transformative, coming-of-age experience.

A Slow Beginning to a Thrilling Experience

It takes a while for Metro Last Light to pick up the pace, despite meeting familiar faces and visiting old places. The gameplay mechanics are mostly carried over from the previous game, which include scavenging for resources, using stealth tactics, and fighting off monstrous creatures. Although these elements are as engaging as before, the early part of the game feels more like an extension of Metro 2033 rather than a fresh sequel.

The Real Hero

The most impressive feature of both games is the meticulous detail and captivating atmosphere created by 4A Games. The Metro is portrayed as a living entity, with every action of its inhabitants shaping its tunnels. Diverse ideologies come together to form a complex narrative, which is slowly peeled back by the player.

Town-based Chapters

The game misses a chance to make the town-based chapters more interactive. While these stations offer a glimpse into the lives of the Metro dwellers, they feel more like staged exhibits than living spaces. The lack of meaningful interactions makes the world feel less dynamic, especially in contrast to the game’s thrilling combat scenarios.

The Silent Protagonist of Metro Last Light

metro last light

Artyom, the game’s protagonist, rarely speaks. This limited interaction with the non-playable characters, combined with the character’s voice-over during diary entries, creates a jarring disconnection for the player.

Towards the game’s end, Artyom forms an unexpected alliance that brings a new dynamic to the experience. The story shifts from being a safe sequel to something fresh, introducing supernatural elements synonymous with Glukhovsky’s work. These abstract, unexplained moments infuse the game with a soul, a unique feature missing in many games of the genre.

Metro Last Light: A Ray of Hope in a Forgotten Genre

Metro Last Light, while not surpassing its predecessor, still stands as an excellent sequel that finds a balance between action and atmospheric storytelling. The title, ‘Last Light’, hints at a beacon of hope in this unique first-person shooter, signaling a potential revival of a forgotten genre.

Metro Last Light, despite a slow start and missed opportunities for deeper interaction, delivers a compelling post-apocalyptic narrative that captivates the player. Its attention to detail and remarkable atmosphere craft a rich world begging to be explored. Metro 2033, nevertheless shines brightly as a beacon of hope within a genre often lost in darkness. This is a game well worth experiencing, especially for those yearning for a tale of hope amidst despair.

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