Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss: How to Beat Him?

If you’re playing Metroid Dread and you’re up against Drogyga, don’t worry. While Metroid Dread Drogyga might not be the toughest boss, there are still a few things you should know to make the fight easier. 

Keep reading for some tips on how to beat Drogyga along with what is the Metroid Dread Drogyga reward after defeating him at the end of the walkthrough. 

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Can You Skip Metroid Dread Drogyga Fight?

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to skip the Metroid Dread Drogyga Fight since Samus needs to defeat it to get to the prehistoric area of Ghavoran.

metroid dread drogyga

Metroid Dread Drogyga in Burenia 

In Metroid Dread, Samus is a hero who fights bosses in different regions. She has already defeated three bosses named Corpius, Kraid, and a robot Chozo soldier

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Now, Samus is facing her fourth boss, Drogyga, in Burenia. To get to the prehistoric area of Ghavoran, Samus needs to beat Drogyga and take the elevator. Samus doesn’t have to worry about the remaining E.M.M.I. units right now since they are offline. 

metroid dread drogyga

Get ready for an underwater battle against Drogyga in Metroid Dread. Although Samus’ movements might be slower in the water, players don’t need to worry too much about being fast on their feet for this fight. 

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The key is to observe Drogyga’s moves and time your responses accordingly to avoid taking too much damage. Compared to other bosses, Drogyga Metroid Dread is relatively easy to beat in the game.

Analyzing the Efforts to Defeat Metroid Dread Drogyga

In this tough battle, Samus doesn’t have much space to move around. The enemy, Drogyga, is right in the middle of the fighting area, stopping Samus from getting to the other side. 

metroid dread drogyga

Metroid Dread Drogyga Upgrade – Grapple Beam 

However, Samus has a new weapon called the Grapple Beam and can’t cross over to the other side unless she uses her weapon to attack a spider magnet pad. Before facing Drogyga, two essential Metroid Dread Drogyga upgrades that Samus must have obtained are the Grapple Beam and the Spider Magnet. This fight aims to lower the water level in the room so that Drogyga’s vulnerable spot is revealed.

metroid dread drogyga

Targeting the Glowing Tentacle

Drogyga attacks the player in two different ways. It can shoot out energy wisps or use its tentacles to swipe or stab the player. To defeat Drogyga, the player must dodge these attacks and aim for the glowing tentacle at the top of the screen. It’s important to focus and stay alert to avoid getting hit and defeat the monster.

Defeating Drogyga: Tips for Samus

Samus can defeat Drogyga, a giant monster with tentacles, by hurting one of its tentacles and then using a magnet pad to remove the water from the area. This will stun the monster, giving Samus a chance to attack it. If Samus manages to counter Drogyga’s attack, she can regain health and ammunition before the water level rises and the battle starts again.

Approaches to Defeat Drogyga

In the game, there are different types of glowing wisps that Samus encounters. Some of them are easy to destroy while others take longer to defeat. It’s better to focus on attacking the glowing tentacle while destroying the easy wisps using missiles. 

Destroy Blue Wisps for More Ammunition

However, if you encounter red wisps, they take longer to destroy than blue ones. Therefore, you should prioritize destroying the blue wisps. Moreover, destroying the blue wisps provides ammunition more frequently than the red ones do, so keep that in mind while playing.

Underwater Battle Tips Against Drogyga

In this underwater fight against Drogyga. And Drogyga has long tentacles that swipe at Samus. Samus can jump over the tentacles to avoid them, but it’s not easy. Samus doesn’t move as fast as usual under the water. Players have to be very careful with their timing, or they might end up getting hurt. Even if they dodge the first tentacle, they could still land on the second one and take damage.

Charge Beam Shot to Hit the Button

If you want to beat Drogyga Metroid Dread, you need to make sure you have enough power to fire the buttons. The best way to do this is by using a Charge Beam shot. When you are sliding to the other side of the magnet pad, make sure you have the next shot ready so that you can fire as soon as you land. If you don’t do this, you might run out of time and have to start all over again without doing any damage to Drogyga. So, be careful and use the Charge Beam shot to power the buttons and defeat Drogyga.

Metroid Dread | Drogyga’s Weak Point

Moreover, Drogyga starts attacking with its tentacles when the water level goes up. Now, Samus needs to aim for the glowing tentacle that causes problems with power. Once that’s done, the water level can be reduced, and the fight can continue. Samus must shoot missiles at Drogyga’s weak point to defeat it. It’s important to act quickly and stay focused during the battle. 

Unfortunately, there’s no Metroid Dread Drogyga reward after defeating him.

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