Metroid Dread Walkthrough: Elun Item Map

Elun is a crucial part of Metroid Dread where you can find some valuable items. To enhance Metroid Dread Samus Aran’s strength and weapons, you need to explore this region to find Energy Tanks. And Missile Expansions and a Power Bomb Tank. And luckily we have covered all of these in this Metroid Dread walkthrough.

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These collectibles will improve your ammo capacity and durability. In Elun, there are only four items to collect, and their locations are provided in this Metroid Dread walkthrough. So, read on to discover where you can find these collectibles in Elun.

Speed Booster Blocks – Metroid Dread walkthrough

If you’re looking for a way to find the Speed Booster Blocks, then head to the bottom right room on the map. First, sprint into the fan above to gather speed, then perform a Shinespark jump and slide through the narrow areas of the path. 

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After that, jump up to the left side of the ceiling, and you’ll discover a secret compartment with the Tank. It is a helpful trick.

Metroid Dread walkthrough

Energy Tank

In Elun the only Energy Tank which can be found in a room located just west of where you fight a strong enemy called the Chozo Soldier. To get the Energy Tank, you need to shoot out some blocks using your weapon and then jump up to an alcove. 

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You can then use a Bomb in Morph Ball form to break the next block. After breaking the next block you need to roll over to the upgrade By doing this, you will get all the health boosts available in this area. 

Metroid Dread walkthrough

Power Bomb Tank

In Elun, there is an intricate vent system above the fighting room with the Chozo Soldier. It might seem tricky to get up there, but once you do, just roll through the vent and smash any Bomb Blocks you see to clear the way. 

Eventually, you’ll reach the Metroid Dread upgrade you’re looking for.

Metroid Dread walkthrough

Missile Tank 2 

In the game, there is another Missile Tank hidden in the vents. You need to turn into a Morph Ball and use bombs to move to the right. 

Metroid Dread walkthrough

You’ll see a Power Bomb Block, so remember to come back when you have that power to blow your way. Once you do, you can blow open the path and find the Missile Tank in the vents.

Metroid Dread Walkthrough – Conclusion

In conclusion, Elun is a crucial region in Metroid Dread where you can find valuable items such as Energy Tanks, Missile Expansions, and a Power Bomb Tank. These collectibles will improve your ammo capacity and durability, and exploring this area is essential to fully upgrade Metroid Dread Samus Aran’s weapons and items. 

In this Metroid Dread walkthrough, we have covered the locations and requirements for all four items in Elun. By following the instructions provided in this walkthrough, you can easily find these items in the game. So, be sure to explore Elun thoroughly and gather all the collectibles.

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