Minecraft Christmas Mod: Pocket Edition

Do you want to take your gameplay to the next level with the Minecraft Christmas mod? 

This guide will show you how to get a Minecraft PE Addon and add it to your game. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to enhance your gaming experience and enjoy Minecraft like never before. Along with this mod, you also have many other mods like Minecraft Jenny mod, Minecraft Mod pack, Minecraft Gun mod, and Origins mod Minecraft.

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You can make your Minecraft gameplay more interesting with mods and Addons not only in Minecraft PE but also in Minecraft Dungeons by using the Minecraft Dungeons Addon.

Minecraft Christmas Mod

This addon is perfect for Minecraft PE players who love to decorate their world. This addon allows you to add Christmas decorations to your Minecraft PE house. This addon makes your house feel warm and welcoming. 

You can also control the lights by clicking on your Christmas tree. This is a great way for you to feel festive while playing your favorite game.

Minecraft Christmas Mod

Minecraft Christmas Mod – Download Now

I’ve got a great link for you to get this exciting Minecraft PE Addon. All you need to do is click on the button below and get your Christmas Minecraft mod. 

Now, click on the Christmas decorations file to install the addon.

Minecraft Christmas Mod

Find Downloaded File Using ZArchiver App

Next, head to the PlayStore and search for the ZArchiver application. Install the app and open it. From there, find your Downloads folder and there you will find your downloaded file. 

Minecraft Christmas Mod

Minecraft PE Addon – Extract File

To get your file out of a zipped folder, simply click on the file and then choose “Extract here”. Doing this, you can extract your downloaded file. 

Minecraft Christmas Mod

Minecraft Christmas Mod – Moving Files

You will get two files, after extracting the downloaded file. Now, you have to move both of the files(behavior pack and resource pack).

Minecraft Christmas Mod

To move the file from one folder to another click on the file and further click on the Cut option.

Afterward, click the Downloads option at the top of your screen and go to Device Memory.

Paste file into com.mojang/behavior_packs folder

First, go to the “games” folder, and then find the “com.mojang” folder. From there, navigate to the “behavior_packs” folder, and then paste the file here.

Paste file into com.mojang/resource_packs folder

Now paste the resource pack file in the “resource_packs” folder. To do this, go to the “games” folder, and then find the “com.mojang” folder. From there, navigate to the “resource_packs” folder, and then paste the file here.

Create a new world

Now, open the game application and create a new world. When you are creating a new world, you need to make sure to select the Creative option from the Default Game Mode

After selecting the Creative option, you can click on the Continue button to start the game. 

Enabling Options for Minecraft PE Addon in Experiment Section

Now, go to the  Experiment section. Now enable all the options in this section to make the Minecraft PE Addon work for you.

Activate Minecraft Christmas Mod through Resource Packs

You can find the Resource Packs option on the left-hand side of your screen. Next, click the My Packs option and Activate the Resource Christmas decorations.

Minecraft Christmas Mod – Activated

Furthermore, come up to the Behavior Packs option. Next, click the My Packs option and Activate the Resource Christmas decorations. 

After making the changes, create a new world.

Enter the Command

Now to use Chat and Commands. First, go to the top of your screen and click on the message icon. Once you’re in the chat, you can type in some special commands.


Once you type the command, hit the Enter key on your screen. Once you do that, all the Christmas decorations will magically appear in your inventory. Now, get ready for you to use and decorate your world.

Minecraft Christmas Mod – Conclusion

In conclusion, adding this Minecraft PE Addon is a simple process. By following the steps mentioned in this guide, you can enhance your Minecraft PE gameplay and enjoy all the Christmas decorations. 

With the link, downloading the Minecraft Christmas mod is easy. Not only in Minecraft PE, you can also have Minecraft dungeons addon to make your Minecraft gameplay exciting.

Follow the steps outlined above and start using your Minecraft PE Addon today.

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