MLB The Show 23: Release, Review, And More

The anticipation has reached its peak. We now have the official launch date for MLB The Show 23. SDS enlisted MLB Network host Robert Flores and NBA superstar Donovan Mitchell to orchestrate an engaging announcement. A live stream that masterfully stirred excitement for the big reveal of the cover athlete.

MLB The Show 23 Release Date

In the days leading up to the announcement, teaser art was shared, hinting at the identity of the cover athlete. It didn’t take long for the community to reach a near-unanimous consensus. That there was only one possible candidate: the remarkable Marlins prodigy, Jazz Chisholm Jr.

MLB The Show 23

As Jazz was unveiled as the cover star, eager fans also discovered when they can finally get their hands on MLB The Show 23. It was released last week on March 24.

MLB The Show 23 PS5, PS4, XBOX

In line with expectations, MLB The Show 23 is set to launch on PlayStation 4 & 5. You can also play it on Xbox One, X/S, and Switch (a PC version remains unavailable).

Both the Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition of MLB The Show 23 are slated for release on March 28, 2023. The latest console version carries a price tag of $69.99. But if you go for the las-get version that’d cost you $59.99. You can go on Steam to put an order in.

Early Access

Exclusive Early Access makes a comeback. Available solely for individuals who purchase the Captain or Digital Deluxe Editions. And it kicks off on March 24. For those eager to gain an edge over their rivals, Early Access offers a four-day head start. You can purchase before the masses, allowing you to develop your team and accumulate Stubs.

MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 incorporated the customary Tech Test. Granting players an opportunity to sample the game in its beta phase and contribute invaluable insights.

MLB The Show 23 Game Modes

Negro Leagues

In a momentous collaboration with The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, The Negro Leagues are finally making their debut in MLB The Show. MLB The Show 23 will introduce an all-new game experience called Storylines. It spotlights eight of the most distinguished Negro League players in Season One. Additionally, SDS will contribute $1 to the museum for every MLB The Show 23 Collector’s Edition sold. Encompassing the Digital Deluxe and Captain Editions.

While complete details on Storylines remain elusive. It’s reasonable to assume it might resemble previous player programs. SDS has a history of crafting specially-curated moments. Chronicle to player’s career, and this could very well be the foundation of Storylines.

MLB The Show 23

SDS revealed that each MLB The Show installment will constitute a “season” and introduce new legends with each release.

Furthermore, It’s uncertain whether any other Negro League legends will appear in traditional Diamond Dynasty releases this year. But the confirmed legends include Hilton Smith, Jackie Robinson, Martín Dihigo, Rube Foster, Buck O’Neil, Hank Thompson, Satchel Paige, and John Donaldson.

The significance and influence of this announcement cannot be overstated, as it not only offers incredible baseball players for fans to appreciate in their usual ways but also serves as a crucial step towards fully incorporating the Negro Leagues into MLB history.

A genuine “historical” mode that employs MLB lore and archival footage to showcase the sport’s history has been a long-held desire. While it’s uncertain if Storylines will deliver precisely that. But what can be said is that this news has significantly heightened excitement for MLB The Show 23.

Diamond Dynasty

Captain Cards make their debut in MLB The Show 23. They’re in as an exciting new feature. SDS informs us that for the first time. We can “assign a position player and a pitching captain to our lineup and unlock potent in-game boosts by fulfilling requirements specific to these players.” While still under development, Captain Cards will enable the use of various theme teams that are bolstered by these Captains.

Mini Seasons 2.0 introduces a reimagined approach to Mini Seasons. While retaining the ability to play as we did in the previous year, we can now also enjoy theme seasons.

MLB The Show 23

The feature premiere showcased an example of a “lefties only” style format that will significantly alter your Mini Seasons experience. Additional enhancements include unique stadiums for CPU teams instead of reusing existing ones, as well as improved stat tracking and much more in Mini Seasons 2.0.

Ranked Co-Op builds on the conventional Ranked Seasons format by incorporating up to 5 other players. After its introduction, last year, Ranked Co-Op now includes a divisional rewards ladder identical to Solo Ranked Seasons. Players can team up with anyone at any time, irrespective of individual skill ratings, and have the opportunity to earn 3x the standard World Series rewards through Solo Ranked, Ranked Co-Op, and the Ranked Program, as they all offer identical rewards.

MLB The Show 23

Team Affinity makes a comeback in MLB The Show 23! While complete details are yet to be revealed, the return of Team Affinity is sure to be a crowd-pleaser among the Diamond Dynasty community. Keep an eye out for updates to this post as more information becomes available.

The World Baseball Classic

In an unprecedented move, MLB The Show 23 will showcase the World Baseball Classic for the first time. Boasting over 100 international players, including MLB stars, the Diamond Dynasty is set to receive one of the most substantial content injections in its history.

MLB The Show 23

It’s confirmed that a World Baseball Classic Program will be available at launch, featuring uniforms, bat skins, and player items as part of the obtainable rewards. Additionally, we’ll have the opportunity to play with international sensations like Roki Sasaki, who have captivated the baseball world.

With the inclusion of international uniforms, bat skins, and a plethora of flashback cards at our fingertips, the incorporation of the World Baseball Classic into MLB The Show 23 is nothing short of remarkable.

Franchise Mode

In response to the widespread disappointment caused by the notably brief Road to the Show feature, SDS bounced back with an almost two-hour showcase of franchise mode. The MLB Draft experienced a total makeover in franchise mode, encompassing a broader range of players and incorporating all the latest CBA regulations. Additionally, the presentation has received some exciting enhancements, such as team introductions, pregame flyovers, and exterior stadium shots. A well-executed presentation greatly contributes to the immersive experience, and based on what SDS unveiled in this premiere, it’s all top-notch.

MLB The Show 23

As usual, we were given assurances of enhanced CPU and trade logic, but the real test of this claim will come post-release.

Unfortunately, there is still no news on the introduction of an Expansion Mode, the return of online franchise mode, or the inclusion of more comprehensive options in franchise mode overall. Nevertheless, avid gamers should appreciate the updated CBA rules and the restructured draft, which bring an additional layer of authenticity to their franchises.

Road To The Show

Unsurprisingly, Road to the Show makes a comeback in MLB The Show 23. However, it’s a bit disheartening to see that the mode hasn’t received much attention this year. SDS has introduced the new Ballplayer Hub, essentially a revamped UI for Ballplayer Navigation.

Boasting a stripped-down and reconstructed interface, the updated UI undoubtedly has a polished appearance and should be more straightforward to navigate.

Arguably the most significant and sole genuine modification to RttS this year is the reinstatement of on-the-field training. Gone are the days of enduring peculiar “phone” related training sessions, as on-field training makes a comeback, accompanied by the assurance of no negative attribute boosts. Players will only see improvements in their attributes, making the experience more approachable. However, this might reduce the level of difficulty for seasoned players.

Emphasizing immersion, MLB Network hosts Jake Peavy and Carlos Pena have recorded scenes and dialogue to breathe new life into the narrative experience in RttS.

MLB The Show 23 Legends

Yankees’ legend Derek Jeter makes a triumphant return to MLB The Show as the cover star for the Collector’s Edition.

Featuring original artwork by the talented Sanford Greene, Jeter’s reentry into the virtual baseball world is as grand as one would expect. The unveiling took place during Jeter’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, with SDS officially announcing all the specifics on February 2.

Priced at $99.99, both the Digital Deluxe and Captain Editions are available. The Digital Deluxe is brimming with packs, stubs, and other in-game treats, making it the ideal choice for DD enthusiasts eager to open packs at the midnight launch. The Captain Edition boasts a stunning steel book adorned with cover art and also includes a New Era MLB The Show 9FIFTY Limited Edition Cap.

It’s important to note, though, that the physical Captain Edition contains considerably fewer packs and stubs compared to the Digital Deluxe. One intriguing inclusion is the Captain’s Choice Pack, which features team captains. While it’s unclear exactly what this entails, it could allow players to select other fan-favorite legends for their initial DD team-building process. Naturally, it’s also expected to include a Derek Jeter card, allowing the Captain’s DD adventure to commence in earnest.

New Legends

Each Show release brings an exciting burst of dopamine with the introduction of new legends. According to MLB The Show 23’s store page details, this year we’re in for a treat with over 25 fresh legends making their debut. For your convenience, here’s a constantly updated list of all confirmed new legends:

  • Derek Jeter
  • Hilton Smith
  • Martín Dihigo
  • Rube Foster
  • Buck O’Neil
  • Hank Thompson
  • Satchel Paige
  • John Donaldson
  • Ian Kinsler
  • Mike Lowell
  • Greg Vaughn
  • Jake Peavy
  • Carlos Pena
  • Matt Cain
  • David Wright
  • Chili Davis
  • Sammy Sosa
  • Mark McGwire

MLB The Show 23 Face Scan

This year brings an exciting new feature to Road to the Show: the addition of Face Scan. By utilizing the MLB The Show Companion App, players can simply snap a selfie to upload a face scan to their Ballplayer.

SDS has emphasized that a single photograph is all that’s required (and permitted) to capture the maximum facial details.

You’ll have the ability to adjust skin tone, hair, facial hair, and other attributes, using your actual face as a foundation. Regrettably, it seems this feature is not accessible outside of RttS.

New Stadiums

New additions to MLB The Show are few and far between, but this year is seeing a shift in that trend. A total of six new stadiums are being incorporated into the game as part of the Storylines game mode, which emphasizes the Negro Leagues.

  1. Muehlebach Field (1923-1948)
  2. Hilldale Park (1929-1932)
  3. South Side Park (1929-1932)
  4. Comiskey Park (1911-1951)
  5. Forbes Field (1922-1939)
  6. Bush Stadium (1922-1939)

MLB The Show 23 – Verdict

For further details currently accessible, you can refer to an FAQ shared by SDS, which primarily covers topics such as cross-progression, cross-play, and cross-saves being available once more.

Nonetheless, year-to-year saves for rosters and franchise mode will not be included. Additionally, stadiums won’t carry over from one game edition to another. It’s also worth noting that the PS4 remains the exclusive platform where you can access the complete Sounds of the Show feature.

We’ll continue updating this article with any pertinent new information, so make sure to revisit it over the upcoming weeks for further updates on MLB The Show 23.

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