Modify Deluxo in GTA 5 Online – Complete Guide

If you are looking for How To Modify Deluxo in GTA 5 Online then you are at the right place. You can add weapons to your Deluxo and improve its appearance in the game. You can equip Mounted MGs and Missiles. Mobile Operations Centre allows you to customize your GTA 5 experience at a low cost.

Modify Deluxo in GTA 5 Online

Add weapons to your Deluxo car and make it look better in GTA 5 Online

Purchase the Mobile Operations Centre

To do this, purchase the Mobile Operations Centre at Warstock Cache & Carry in the ‘Travel And Transport’ section. This can be done through the Internet app on your in-game phone.

Upgrade the Weapon & Vehicle Workshop

The next step, upgrade the ‘Weapon & Vehicle Workshop’ at Bay 2 as shown below.

Mobile Operations Centre on the Map

Open the Interaction Menu and navigate to Services. Then select Mobile Operations Centre. When it appears on your map, go to the specified location.

Customize the Deluxo

Once there, you will be able to modify the Deluxo using various categories such as Brakes, Lights, and Horn. You can add Mounted MGs and Missiles from the Weapons section for $198,000. 

gta 5 online

Mobile Operations Centre allows you to customize Deluxo at a low cost. Exit the Workshop after the modifications have been done.


Mobile Operations Centre allows you to easily add weapons and customize your Deluxo in GTA 5 Online. You need to purchase the Centre and upgrade the Weapon & Vehicle Workshop by following the instructions in this guide to modify the Deluxo.

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