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Hexa Drive has created an action-packed game, Monkey King: Hero is Back PS4. It will take you on a thrilling journey through an epic world of martial arts and magic.

Play as the Renowned Monkey King PS4

In the Monkey King PS4 game, you get to play as the legendary Monkey King, known for his incredible strength, agility, and magic powers.

Furthermore, you can enjoy all his abilities, such as transforming into a big golden Buddha statue or flying like a bird. You can also use various martial arts skills and special attacks to defeat your opponents.

Monkey King: Hero is Back

Monkey King: Hero is Back PS4 Trophy Guide

Fulfill all of the requirements to achieve the specific trophy.

100 Ways of Saying “Back Off”Perform 100 purges.
30 Ways of Saying “Back Off”Perform 30 purges.
A Pact with the PastTraverse Qingzhuo Palace.
A Step Towards VirtueCollect 30,000 red souls.
An Everlasting BondEarn all trophies.
Born to BattleDefeat 200 enemies.
Dasheng: Back in ActionAwaken from the seal.
Earth God Super SleuthFind 40 Earth Gods.
Endless VirtueCollect 200,000 red souls.
Going That One Step FurtherTraverse Tri-Star Shrine.
Great SageAcquire all scrolls.
Guardians of the MountainsTraverse Divine Peak.
Hope You Like Surprises!Surprise attack 20 enemies.
It’s Only Been 500 Years…Traverse Marble Mountains.
Line ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em DownParticipate in 30 one-on-ones.
Magic MaestroMax all spells.
Man of Many TalentsFight using objects you find. Master all object actions.
Martial Arts MasterCause all one-on-ones.
Nothing Gets Past YouFind all Earth Gods.
Serial Material CollectorCollect all types of materials.
ShopaholicExchange materials 100 times at Madame Hare’s shop.
Surprises for Everyone!Surprise attack 50 enemies.
The Bonds We WeaveTraverse Gao Yang Castle.
The Hero ReturnsAwake as Dasheng.
The Threat in the WatersTraverse Feng Waters.
Training Grounds BoundTraverse Cliff of Souls.
Unexpected FriendshipTraverse Willow Village.
Wild ChildDefeat 50 enemies.

Fight to Rescue Your Kingdom

The game takes place in a world based on the famous Chinese novel, Journey to the West. You will face challenging opponents and obstacles along the way, you will be able to defeat them all. 

Furthermore, as the Monkey King, you must fight to rescue your kingdom from the evil monsters and demons that threaten it.

Monkey King: Hero is Back

Explore Previously Unknown Sections of Journey to the West

One of the most exciting features of the Monkey King PS4 game is the opportunity to explore previously unknown sections of the Journey to the West story. 

Furthermore, you will uncover new characters and secrets that will help you in your quest. You will also encounter familiar characters from the story, such as the monk Tang Sanzang and the pig demon Zhu Bajie.

Experience the Thrill of Action-Adventure Gaming

Monkey King: Hero is Back is a fascinating action-adventure game that combines elements of martial arts, magic, and exploration. It has stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and an immersive storyline.

Lastly, it’s a fun and challenging game that will keep players entertained for hours. 

Monkey King: Hero is Back

How to Restore PS4 Save Files

You can choose to either use your PlayStation Plus account or a USB flash drive to restore your saved files.

Using PlayStation Plus Account

If you’re a PS4 user and you need to restore your saved game files, then follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Settings menu and open Application Saved Data Management
  • Next, select “Save data in Online Storage”. Further, go to “Download to System Storage”
  • Lastly, select the game files that you want to download, and the game files will be restored.

Using USB Flash Drive

  • Firstly, go to the Settings menu and open Application Saved Data Management
  • Next, select “Saved data on USB Storage Device”. Further, go to “Copy to System Storage”
  • Lastly, select the game files that you want to copy to your PS4 storage, and the game files will be restored.

Download Save File for Monkey King: Hero is Back

Whether you are a fan of the original story or just love action-packed games, Monkey King: Hero is Back is definitely worth checking out.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Monkey King on his epic journey and experience the thrill of action-adventure gaming like never before.

Finally, if you’re looking for a saved game file for Monkey King: Hero is Back PS4, be cautious when downloading these files, as they may contain viruses or malware. 

In this save file, you can save the game safely. It was saved for the US version of the game and it is 100% completed.

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