Mordhau Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

Mordhau is a rad hack-and-slash multiplayer brawl that hit the scene in 2019. You get to create and arm your own mercenary, decking them out and arming them just the way you want. The armor your mercenaries wears affects how they move and fight, so choose wisely.

Once you’ve got your merc kitted out, you jump into a crazy massive battle with up to 80 other players from all corners of the globe. Your job? To fend off wave after wave of enemy fighters. You can use weapons like swords and arrows to take them down and trust me, it’s epic.

On top of that, you’ve gotta use the map to your advantage. Position your mercs strategically to wipe out as many enemies as possible. With slick 3D graphics and being available on Windows PC, Mordhau is seriously a treat to play.

mordhau console commands

Mordhau Cheats

addbots (Number)This console command is used to add the number of bots you input into the game.
adminadd (Name)You can add a new admin to the admin list.
adminlistThis console command is used to lists the names of all the current admins that are present on the server.
adminloginYou can enter the administrator mode using this command.
ban (name)This console command is used to ban the player whose name you input from the server.
banlistYou can list the names of all the banned players using this command.
changelevel (Map Name)This console command is used to change the map that you are currently on to the one that you input.
changeSize (Number)You can change the size of your character using this command.
demoplayThis console command is used to playback the demo.
demorec nameYou can start the recording demo using this command.
demostopThis console command is used to stop recording the demo.
disconnectThis command is used to leave the server.
exitThis console command is used to quit the game.
kick (Name)You can kick any particular player out of the server using this command.
m.inverseattackdirection 1This console command is used to invert the direction of your attack.
m.ShowCrosshair 0Use this command and turn off the crosshair setting.
PlayersOnlyRedeem this code and all the bots will stop moving.
removeadmin (Name)You can remove the specified admin from the admin list using this command.
removebots (Number)This console command is used to removes the specified number of bots.
restartlevelYou can restart the ongoing match using this command.
Slomo (Number)This console command is used to change the speed of the game.
Stat FPSUse this command to enable the frame rate per second counter.
unban (player name)This console command is used to unban any specified player.

How to Use Mordhau Cheats?

Now, you might be wondering how to use console commands and cheats in Mordhau. No worries, here’s how it goes:

First, hit the “~” key to open up the console. Then, just type in whatever console command you want to use and get ready for the reward. Trust me, Mordhau is an absolute blast to play. You’ve gotta check it out!

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