Most Fun Brawlers in Brawl Stars Mobile

Leon stands as the premier choice for a thrilling bout, and we’ve curated a roster of 8 enjoyable brawlers in Brawl Stars for your perusal. Each of these Brawl Stars brawlers has something to offer that makes each of their brawls unique and exciting for us players.

For a fun-filled brawl, the 8th contender on our list is Colt!

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Colt, the lively, action-packed brawler in Brawl Stars, with accurate targeting, can reign over the entire map if you know what to do with his powers. His versatility allows for both aggressive and passive playstyles, making him an entertaining powerhouse for many gamers. Utilize his gadgets to enhance your play!

Rolling in at number 7 for an entertaining brawl is Lou!

Lou, the delightfully enjoyable yet underappreciated brawler, can use his super ability to mess with opponents, adding an element of hilarity to your game. Recent upgrades make him an even more formidable and relevant brawler with exciting new gimmicks. Engage him at mid to close range, and use your super to stun your rivals!

Coming in at number 6 on our list for a satisfying brawl is Surge!

Surge, the top-tier chromatic brawler, rewards the skilled player with upgrades for superior performance. If you play with Surge and know what to do at what point, you’ll be surprised at what it can do. Once maxed out, Surge becomes a virtually invincible, exceptionally strong, and entertaining force on the battlefield in Brawl Stars!

Our number 5 pick for a thrilling brawl is Edgar!

Edgar, the potent but fragile healing assassin brawler, offers consistent enjoyment with his super ability during fights. While he’s a healer, he might also be one of the most fun brawlers in Brawl Stars. Use it wisely along with your gadget to seize early opportunities and secure victories. Speed and precision are key!

At number 4, providing a high-octane brawl is Max!

Max’s unique blend of swift movement and steady, rapid damage makes her an entertaining choice for any player. Her quick super-charging ability can make her a vexing opponent, and when paired with her gadgets, a formidable aggressor on the Brawl Stars field.

The third slot on our fun-filled list goes to Crow!

Crow, the assassin brawler, is a joy to play with his gratifying super. Annoy opponents with Crow’s strategy: charge your super, go in for the kill, and utilize gadgets to close gaps and recharge! This cute little brawler is all you need for a fun-filled brawl.

Hitting the number 2 spot for a unique brawl experience is Mortis!

Mortis is one of the most distinctive brawlers in Brawl Stars, exhibiting both potent strength and vulnerability simultaneously. How you utilize him can make all the difference. Swift decision-making is vital, or else risk losing your footing!

Mortis delivers an ever-present threat! Don’t be the player who flees the entire match; it’s neither enjoyable nor beneficial to your learning curve. Experiment, even if it results in a few losses; it’s a learning process after all!

And finally, the most entertaining brawler at the number 1 spot is Leon!

Leon provides the most engaging super ability: the power of invisibility. This offers a strong advantage and is a thrilling aspect of any showdown game. Mastering the use of this super can be greatly satisfying and fun, especially with Leon being top tier!

To truly excel with Leon, maintaining aggression and consistency is crucial. Pick your opponents carefully and incorporate unpredictability into your strategy. Don’t settle for the obvious move when you can surprise your enemies! Strike and conquer!

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