My Hero Academia Smash Tap Cheats, Tricks, & Guide

So, Bandai Namco just dropped a new game, My Hero Academia Smash Tap, based on the famous manga/anime series by Kohei Horikoshi. If you’re in Japan and you’re on Android or iOS, you can now download it and jump right in.

Smash Tap is a pretty interactive JRPG. You swipe the screen to move around, attack, and do loads of other stuff. You’ve gotta build your own team for all sorts of quests, modes, and special events. There’s also character upgrading, auto-play, and more. With super clean graphics and smooth animation, it’s a seriously fun time.

My Hero Academia Smash Tap: First thing – Rerolls!

Like most JRPGs, Smash Tap’s got a Gacha System where you can pull characters and accessories. The pull rates change based on different campaigns, but let’s face it – getting a 5-Star character is tough. So we suggest trying to nab the best units ASAP. Some 5-Star units can even upgrade to 6-Star. All Might, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shota Aizawa are the ones we know of so far. Give it a shot and good luck!

Next step – Story Mode

Once you’ve got some solid characters, dive into the Story Mode of My Hero Academia Smash Tap. Keep on grinding through the quests and you’ll get a feel for the game, plus learn some new tricks. Your main and support units will go on these quests, and you can also bring along an extra support unit, either an NPC or another player.

There are three modes in Smash Tap: Story Mode, Event, and Multi-Play. Multi-Play lets you team up with three other online players to conquer quests or take on ongoing events. Super useful for those tough missions!

Power up your Characters

Keeping your characters leveled up is super important. You’ll get materials and cards from the system and from completing missions – don’t forget to use them! You can enhance your unit’s abilities by tapping the Deck button on the bottom part of the screen.

my hero academia smash tap

Go for the Limit Break!

Some characters can upgrade from 5-Star to 6-Star, which is called a Limit Break in My Hero Academia Smash Tap. You use different materials to power up your chosen character. Keep an eye out for limited events that might have rare materials for limit breaking.


Smash Tap is pretty straightforward and fun to play. We’re crossing our fingers for a global release because this game is bound to be a hit worldwide. Keep checking back for more My Hero Academia Smash Tap content.

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