My Summer Car: Cheats & Console Commands | New 2023

Here is a compilation of My Summer Car cheat codes and console instructions. Input any of these codes into the graphics menu and hit Enter to activate the desired effect.

My Summer Car Cheats & Console Commands

my summer car

Use this console instruction for an immediate game save.

To modify the game’s weather, utilize this command.

This command allows your character to sleep immediately.

This console instruction will return the tractor to your residence.

To teleport the van back to your domicile, use this code.

You can bring the Satsuma, a car in the game, back to your abode using this console code.

Activate this code, and you will gain invincibility in the game.

Add extra funds to your game account using this command. Substitute the asterisk with the desired amount. For example, use Poor1000 to add $1000.

This console command enables you to alter the day in the game. Replace the asterisk with the date you wish to switch to.

Use this console instruction to adjust the time in the game.

By activating this code, you will be instantly transported to the store.

Engage in the thrill of drag racing directly by using this command to transport to the Airstrip.

This command comes in handy when your vehicle is damaged. Use it to instantly transfer your car to the repair shop.

Input this console instruction to immediately teleport to your home.

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