Need For Speed Underground Review

This is Need For Speed Underground Review.

When you think about cool car racing games, it’s impossible not to remember the movie The Fast and the Furious. This film made flashy cars and the stars driving them were super famous! It created a big wave of excitement around import racing.

Since then, lots of other companies tried to grab a slice of that awesome pie. Need for Speed Underground was EA’s way of joining the fun, and guess what? They did a pretty good job!

Zoom with Need for Speed Underground

Need for Speed Underground is a super fun driving game with easy-to-learn controls. Forget about complicated simulations like Gran Turismo, this game is all about having a blast!

Need For Speed Underground

Show Off Your Style and Earn Points

You’ll get style points for doing cool moves like power sliding, drafting, and catching air. It’s kinda like Project Gotham Racing, but way more forgiving. Plus, you can earn rewards as you fill up your style points meter. Sweet!

Choose Your Ride and Hit the Streets

This game has a bunch of cool cars to pick from. Start with a popular Honda Civic or choose from other rad rides like the VW Golf, Acura Integra, Toyota Supra, S2000, Ford Focus, Dodge Neon, and Mazda Miata.

Customize Your Car and Rule the Road

Even though the cars have different stats like handling, acceleration, and top speed, they feel pretty similar to drive. But don’t worry, you can make your car stand out by upgrading it in the career mode. Get ready to zoom past your rivals!

The import racing scene often involves changing cars with extra parts, and Need for Speed Underground shows this well.

The game has two types of car upgrades: visual and performance. You need to unlock performance upgrades before you can buy them. These include things like turbocharge, better engines, lighter weight, improved brakes, computer tuning, nitrous oxide boosts, and more. The game uses real-life part brands, but they all work the same way.

Visual upgrades also help your car. When you buy things like spoilers, body kits, new hoods, neons, headlights, taillights, or window tints, your reputation goes up. As your reputation gets better, you earn more style points, which lets you unlock more rewards faster.

The main reward for getting style points is car stickers. They begin with simple designs like racing stripes, but later you can add stickers from different parts and stereo brands all over your car.

Exciting Tracks with a Twist

Need for Speed Underground has some really cool tracks, but even with over 20 of them, they can feel a bit repetitive.

The game uses a trick similar to Ridge Racer, where it changes pathways on the same track to keep things fresh. So, keep an eye on your map to make sure you’re ready for those twists and turns. Be careful not to go off the track, or you’ll be reset back onto the right path.

A Mix of Fun Racing Styles

Despite the repetitive tracks, Need for Speed Underground offers a variety of race styles that keep the game lively.

Circuit racing, one-shot runs, and knockout-style circuits are all part of the mix, making each race feel a little different. Plus, drag racing and drift racing add a fun twist!

Fast and Furious Drag Racing

At first, drag racing might sound boring, since you’re just racing in a straight line. But it’s actually super fun! Your main focus is on shifting gears at the right time, while also dodging traffic and obstacles. Keep an eye on that RPM meter and get ready to shift!

Slide into Drift Racing

Drift racing is all about sliding around turns like a pro. Time doesn’t matter here; it’s all about your powerslide skills. Get the hang of using that emergency brake, and you’ll be drifting like a champ in no time. It’s a nice break from the high-speed action of the other races.

Need For Speed Underground Career Mode

“Go Underground” is the career mode in this racing game, where you can take part in all the game’s race types and compete in 111 races. Sure, the game doesn’t have 111 unique tracks, which means you’ll be racing on the same roads again and again, but hey, it’s still fun!

Customizing Your Race Experience

The good news is that you’ll earn money for racing, which you can use to upgrade your car. Each race has three difficulty levels, so you can choose how much of a challenge you want. If you’re a pro driver, you might want to pick the hard setting for a real adrenaline rush.

Need For Speed Underground Gameplay

Need for Speed Underground lets you race with friends on split-screen, which is really fun. PC and PlayStation 2 gamers can also play online, racing against each other or in groups of four.

You can even have PC and PS2 players race together! Win or lose, your reputation changes, but you can also just have fun in unranked races. Sometimes there’s lag, but it’s still a blast to play.

Need For Speed Underground Graphics

The graphics are awesome! Console versions use a cool motion-blur effect that makes the streets look gritty and real. It also makes you feel like you’re going super fast. Wet streets shine and cars are reflective, but sometimes it’s a little choppy. Frame rates can drop, making things look surreal.

The PC version’s graphics are cleaner but not as cool. Car models and customization parts look great. The Xbox version is the best-looking one with smooth motion-blur effects and frame rates.

Rockin’ Sound Effects and Music

Need for Speed Underground has great sound effects like tire squeals, engine noises, and exhaust notes. You can even hear the difference between turbocharged and standard motors! The soundtrack is filled with popular artists like Nate Dogg, Lil’ Jon, Rob Zombie, and The Crystal Method. The Xbox version doesn’t let you use custom soundtracks, but the game’s music fits perfectly and has variety.

Conclusion: Need For Speed Underground

Need for Speed Underground is an amazing game that’s easy to learn and play. It could use more track variety and a better career mode, but the graphics, sound, and online play make it worth trying. Fans of import racing will love the car customization options. If you’re into racing, you should definitely give Need for Speed Underground a spin!

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