New Dredge 2023 Update You Don’t Wanna Miss

Black Salt Games has shared an exciting content roadmap for their eldritch fishing adventure, Dredge, which launched in March.

The announcement, made on the PlayStation Blog, promises a series of significant updates from Q2 to Q3 2023, aimed at enhancing game functionality and introducing new features such as Passive Mode, Photo Mode, boat customization, and more. Furthermore, a paid story expansion is scheduled for Q4, offering additional quests and discoveries for players eager to dive back into the game.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the upcoming content for Dredge in 2023:



Map Markers (Q2)

Players can now place map markers to highlight dangers, shipwrecks, mysteries, and more for improved navigation.

Balance changes and fixes included.

Photo Mode & Wildlife (Q2)

Passive Mode: Monsters become non-aggressive, allowing players to focus on fishing and enjoying the tranquil environment.

Photo Mode: A new in-game character provides players with a camera and introduces new marine life to photograph.

Boat Paint (Q3)

Unlock new boat paint schemes and flags to personalize your vessel.

More announcements coming soon.

Additionally, an optional paid DLC expansion will delve into the enigmatic Ironhaven Corporation. This expansion introduces a brand-new quest line, prompting players to gather materials and biomatter, craft new gear, encounter new characters, and catch new fish, all while unraveling Ironhaven’s mysterious plans.

Our review of Dredge earned the game a fantastic 9/10 score. We described it as “the definition of a trophy catch”, praising its elegant, interwoven systems, captivating eldritch style, and the enticing variety of sea life to catch. Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable fishing adventure.

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