New Google Gameface: Play Games With Your Face

Google is trying to create a new way to play video games that don’t need a physical controller. This is through their Project Google GameFace. This project uses only head movements and facial expressions to control video games.

This new project was announced at Google’s event, Google I/O 2023. It was not one of the main presentations, but it was still important.

Project GameFace uses the player’s face as a way to control the game. This is different from other products like the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which changes the shape and size of buttons and controllers for people who can’t use their fingers well.

Lance Carr’s Story & Google GameFace

Project GameFace was made for people like Lance Carr.

Carr is a video game player who shares his games online, but he has a disease called muscular dystrophy. This disease makes muscles weaker over time.

There are other ways to control video games without hands, like using big head movements or tracking when a person blinks. Carr used to play games this way, but he lost all his video game equipment in a house fire.

Even though this was a sad event, it had a good outcome. The people at Google decided to not only replace Carr’s equipment but also make it better.

google gameface in action

The result of their work is Project Google GameFace. This is a free way to control video games without hands that anyone can use and improve. It works with a common webcam that is pointed at the player’s face.

It uses learning machines to watch 468 different points on the face. With this, Google GameFace can tell not just where the head is moving, but also what facial expressions are being made.

These movements and expressions are then used to control the game. The size of the expressions can be changed, so people who can only make small facial movements can still use it.

Google says that Project GameFace is still being worked on and isn’t completely ready yet. However, people can try it out or help improve it by going to GitHub, where it’s available.

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